questions about asking for a gap year deferral

<p>S has a nice pile of acceptances from great schools (UCs and top LACs). Unfortunately, his OCD (a problem since early childhood) has gotten moderately severe. As a result, S is contemplating asking for a gap year to get more intensive mental health treatment before starting college. This makes sense to us. </p>

<p>Question: Most of the schools' websites indicate that students should indicate their interest in a gap year ** at the time the student applies**. Other schools indicate that they do not have any policies regarding deferring admission -- and want students to enroll in the fall after being accepted.</p>

<p>Clearly my S's case is different. Does anyone have suggestions about how to request a deferral?</p>

<p>He contacts the admissions office and say he is requesting a gap year at the suggestion of his Dr for medically related reasons. They don't need to know anything else. He should ask if they would like a confirming letter from his Dr., so there is no question that this is a "legitimate" request.</p>