Questions about Baylor!

I visited the Baylor campus and thought it was absolutely beautiful. I applied and was accepted for the upcoming freshman class of 2012-13. I really loved the school, but I’ve been doing research and the student reviews I’ve read really aren’t the greatest so I have a couple of questions…

  1. Is it true that the dorms (specially penland) are filthy and there are rats running around???
  2. Is it true that all of the other facilities are also not well cleaned?
  3. Is it true that Baylor has a very high population of homosexual guys?
  4. Is there ANYTHING to do in Waco?
  5. Is greek life prevalent?
  6. How is a Baylor degree perceived in Texas? How about outside of Texas?
  7. Is it hard to get a good internship while at Baylor?
  8. What is the overall quality of the Professors? How accessible are they? (Particularly for international studies or business) </p>


<li>My grandparents used to be live-in faculty and I used to stay in the some of the dorms, and from what I have experienced they are AMAZING. However, Pendland (guys) and N/S Russell (girls) and Collins (girls) are all older, so they are going to have the problems that come with that. I highly doubt there are actually rats running around (unless guys dorms are really that disgusting...). ;)</li>
<li>Facilities are all kept spotless as far as I've experienced over the past 10 or so years.</li>
<li>I think this used to be a rumor back around when my parents were in college. I have never seen a anyone like that on campus before, so I highly doubt that.</li>
<li>As far as a college town goes, there is quite a bit to do. Waco has its own lake, a river where you can canoe right next to campus, movie theaters, decent shopping malls, etc. It is not a big city though (like Dallas, Houston, or Austin).</li>
<li>From what I heard, greek life is around 15%, so it is not something that you need to do to have a social life. There are plenty of ways to get connected on campus without joining the greek system. Also, there are no sorority/frat houses at Baylor.</li>
<li>In Texas, Baylor has developed an excellent reputation. It's law school has the highest rate of students to pass the bar, the medical school's reputation is stellar, music same, business school has many of its students hired before they graduate. Honestly, I can't think of any program that wont be excellent. I'm sure it is viewed the same out-of-state, although I can't vouch for it.</li>
<li>Baylor has some great opportunities to intern with professors as well as do undergrad research (major bonus points for graduate school!!).</li>
<li>The professors are very friendly (I have met many of them through my uncle and grandfather who are both professors there). Because Baylor makes an effort to keep class sizes small, the profs are extremely accessible and willing to help.</li>

<p>Hope this helps!! :)</p>

<p>My D is a fresh at Baylor living in Memorial and eats at Penland on weekends. No rats that she has ever seen or heard of. The Memorial dorm is well maintained but kind of cold on her floor (at least there is AC but they keep it cool). Profs are very accessible according to my kiddo. She does lots on campus but not Waco, goes to Austin with friends sometimes. Can't say about the guys.</p>

<p>Current honors student, I'll answer.
1. Penland can be a little messy, but nothing that bad.
2. Everything's fine from what I've seen.
3. Unfortunately not, but thanks for the homophobic question.
4. Not really.
5. Very prevalent.
6. Decent in Texas, not that great elsewhere.
7. Not sure about this one.
8. Professors are generally nice, just as accessible as would be expected.</p>