Questions about Bucknell

Hi, I got off the Bucknell waitlist and had a few questions and was hoping someone could answer…

  1. Is it sort of like high school? Is it really clique-y? Are people friendly?
  2. I’m an average student, I know it’s a good school so are all the kids really smart?
  3. Is really worth it to go there? Is the education that good honestly compared to other bigger public universities?

@nyjets12345678 Congrats on coming off waitlist! D is also on waitlist - can you tell me how you found out they accepted you - email or phone call? Did you keep in contact with your advisor and/or send an LOCI (letter of continuing interest) after decisions went out? What school/program did you apply to? Thanks.

Applied to the college of arts and science, I kept in touch with my regional rep and told them I was still interested in being on the wait-list. They got back to me about a week ago.

@Yocco I was offered a spot off the waitlist last year into the Freeman College of Management . I received a phone call after May 1st. I think my parents were more excited than I was. It took me a few weeks to decide yes and it turned out to be a great decision (despite being terribly homesick the first month and constantly doubting my decision). If you are still interested , I would recommend contacting admissions to let them know. Good luck!

@Jaspers Thanks for the feedback. I, like your parents, would be more excited than my D, who has committed to Syracuse - her first choice. I always liked Bucknell (I’m a Lehigh alum and am partial to Patriot League schools) and believe she would thrive there, but she thinks it is too small. I was just wondering how the waitlist works (email, phone call, etc.) to see if the option ever arose. Doubtful she would change her mind at this point, however.

I received a telephone call and visited the next day (3 hour trip). I had already committed to another Patriot League school and it was a hard decision. Bucknell’s business school and the happy students were the deciding factors. I have several friends who go to Syracuse and they love it and I am sure your daughter will do great. Best of luck

You wouldn’t have gotten into Bucknell if you’re just an average student.

College is not a destination. It’s really just part of a journey to get you where you want to go. So where do you want to go? What college will provide the best environment for you to flourish, to be successful, and to learn what you need to learn?

I too would think you would have not gotten into Bucknell if you were an average student. However not knowing how acceptance is really decided I cant say for sure. I do know that my son is on the Waitlist, he really really wants to attend Bucknell business and/or engineering! His SATs were OK, he has straight As with all AP & Honors, very athlete and has wonderful write ups regarding his character, he also loved Bucknell!!! We thought he had a great chance of being accepted, he is on the waitlist and has not heard from Bucknell. My son has been in touch with admissions too. So what we thought and what is actually happening is very different and we do know happens all the time.

@ktimmyb Wishing your son good luck. Hopefully those on the waitlist who aren’t interested in attending notify admissions quickly. Your son’s stats are great ( better than mine and I was offered a spot off waitlist last year) and I think its so important to offer admissions to those who truly want to go to the school. Those are the ones who add to the energy and sense of community on campus. Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys.

Thank you so much!!! I appreciate your support!!! I also think because he applied regular decision , which was on me! I have 3 kids a year apart in college so we didn’t want to chance not receiving any merit! Probably wrong strategy! He definitely saw himself at Bucknell and also maybe Walking on to a team!

Have a great day!
I will report back!

The whole ED vs RD seems unfair to me. I too did not ED anywhere bc I needed more time to decide and my parents were concerned the financial aid package could be limited by an ED school. An admissions counselor actually admitted that to me when she visited my high school. At the very least, ED should not be binding if a family cannot afford the school after receiving the award. I remember the net price calculator wasn’t always accurate on a school by school basis.

I was waitlisted at a few schools bc in part they admitted a large percentage during ED. The entire admission process is a game. From private tutors, admission consultants, essay proof readers , ED and so on, it definitely favors those who can afford all of those things. At least more and more schools are going test optional. Things even out once on campus where good grades can’t be bought ( At least I hope not) and it all comes down to hard work and merit.

I completely agree with you! My son would have totally ED’d to Bucknell! Happy you are where you wanted to be!!! We still Haven’t heard from Bucknell so we think he will not get in.

For anyone reading this, you do not have to accept an ED offer if you can’t afford it. But if you apply ED and get an offer you can afford, you can’t shop around for a better offer.

If the NPC shows a number that looks like it won’t work, you probably shouldn’t apply because if the school comes back with an acceptance at that number- or one close to it -you will have wasted your ED card.

I wish I knew that about ED! I educate myself often and I had no idea! Thank you for your insight!