Questions about Calc and Micro

<p>Are the Calc and Mirco classes really as bad as everyone says? Is is a bad idea to take the two classes at the same time? Who are the best teachers for each class? As of right now I'm thinking Hickenbottom for Micro. I have no idea who is good for calc. :(</p>

<p>Thanks for all your help CC!</p>

<p>I took cal 1 at another university and cal 2 at ACC so I don't know much about UT calc, but I can tell you that micro at UT is ridiculously hard and was handsdown the most difficult class i've ever taken in my life. Micro was the class that blemished my otherwise almost perfect gpa. I ended up getting a C+ in that class. I took it with Wiseman and I made perfect scores on all of the weekly quizzes, but his exams were so random that no one ever knew where he got his questions from. The material on the exam seemed to never match the material he taught in class. Unfortunately it wasn't just my professor, I heard all the micro teachers are terribly difficult.</p>

<p>I took M408K at the same time as micro last semester. Micro was difficult, but calc was harder. I also had Wiseman. Even though calc was harder, unlike micro, I could actually work through calc problems and figure them out (very concrete). Micro was impossible to do well in unless you think like an economist. I worked extremely hard, but still could not crack it.
You'll be fine if you take them both at the same time</p>

<p>Which calculus class are you talking about? M408C, M408K, M408D?</p>

<p>Right now I'm thinking about M408K. I took Calc AB this year and I might have (just) managed to get credit for the class, but I figured I would probably be better off taking it anyways. I'm not naturally good at math I definitely dont want to bite off more than I can chew.</p>

<p>So if I had a B average in Calc this year and (maybe) make a 3 on the AP, UT Calc shouldnt completely destroy me, right?</p>

<p>If you took AP Calculus in high school and did well in the class or if you consider yourself a "math person" then take M 408K and or M408L at UT, otherwise, take it at a community college (e.g. HCC, ACC, etc)</p>

<p>I am assuming you're trying for the business school, for Microecon either take Wiseman or Trejo, otherwise wait to take it next semester or take it online or at a community college, assuming you've taken or received credit for Macroecon.</p>

<p>Let me know if you have more questions...</p>

<p>I took calc I & II at UT and micro/macro at ACC. Try it that way if you can swing it. The intro to econ courses were pretty simple in CC. I had to take Micro and Macro Theory at UT for my Econ major requirement. Macro was easier than Micro. My macro theory professor was Trinque. He let us do open book exams, but that didn't help that much unless you really studied his notes.</p>

<p>If you've got some room to do your intro econ classes outside of UT in community college, I would recommend it. You don't want to f up your UT GPA for no good reason if don't have to for the necessary evils.</p>

<p>Does anyone know how bad Diff EQ (M 427K) is at UT? My professor for the fall is Fonken.</p>

<p>lets just say Cal II and Micro is the reason i won't get into Mccombs. cal 1 was easy if you took AP cal in high school.
my cal II prof decided NOT to curve. OMG lkdfjls.
and microeco- if you have a B (80ish) then you'll get a C+. FML.</p>

<p>looks like your better off knocking these classes out at a CC.</p>

<p>M 408D is ridiculously hard (or at least with my professor it was..). I ended up with a B- with a lot of studying and practice. And this was from jumping from AP Calc BC</p>

<p>like i said before, calc is manageable if you actually try. i didn't take any math in my senior year of high school, and had only trig/pre-cal from my junior year. with this little experience i still ended up with an A in 408K. i don't consider myself a math person. I used UT's resources like the learning center and drop-in tutoring.
You can't really choose teachers for calc classes. If you look on the course schedule, most of them will say "staff" under instructor. my professor was terrible
Do not take Wiseman for micro!!</p>

<p>Just cause you took M 408K and got an A you can't say anything about M 408C and M 408D- Those two courses are MUCH MORE rigorous and tedious than M 408K</p>

<p>I have a question about honors classes in general that kind of ties into this question. Do classes with an "honors" designation mean anything at all other than it's harder? Do grad schools like you taking honors classes? And is it worth taking an honors (Honors Micro, Honors PSY 301 etc) if the professor isn't that great?</p>

<p>@iambored10, now that I look back at my comment it seems like it was aimed at you. i said that about K because odyssey is interested in that calc course in particular. i was merely stating that an A in calc is manageable with little experience. sorry if it upset you!</p>

<p>I only had credit for Calc AB, but I retook Calc I and took Calc II at my university (similar to M 408K and M408L). I kind of breezed through Calc I and actually tried in Calc II to get A's in both. Deciding whether I want to do Calc III and Diff Eq/Linear Algebra if I want to do engineering lol. Calculus at the university level are usually pretty tough/weed out courses. A lot of my peers were failing/struggling in my classes.</p>

<p>I got credit for Macro, and am deciding to do Micro just in case I want to switch my major to Business in the future. If not, a minor in Economics would never hurt. I've heard Micro was pretty hard, but I like economics. :)</p>

<p>So from my understanding, it is fine to get the Calc I & II and Micro credits from a community college (like HCC) the summer before entering UT. </p>

<p>And these will count as the credits required for an MBA or business school transfer?...</p>

<p>double check that they will transfer. you can check here:
UT</a> Austin Automated Transfer Equivalency System</p>

<p>Does McCombs care whether internal transfers take Calc or Econ classes at UT or at a community college? Also, are there any other particularly difficult classes that should be taken at a CC and not at UT?</p>

<p>i doubt they do, most people take them at CC</p>