Questions about Columbia?

<p>What would an asian american from Long Island have to get on the SAT to have a decent chance of getting in?
What if that asian american were a first generation college student?
How important is the SAT in admissions to Columbia? I know they say they use a holistic approach, but there has to be some boost to SAT significance.
Would a 2100+ be enough with 750+ on SAT 2's?</p>

<p>Also, on the application, why do they ask how many and what languages you speak fluently?
Is there an advantage in admissions for speaking four or five languages?</p>

<p>um, honestly - i'd look at kids from your high school, and have stats and figures comparable to those that get in.</p>

<p>saying a number might actually be counterproductive.</p>

<p>and it avoids the fact that columbia looks at you contextually, the reason columbia admits kids who all score high from LI is because they have a lot of great applicants who score high. ultimately you have to ask yourself the following question - if you have two equal candidates (great personalities, ECs, good essays and the lot - and one has a 2150 and the other a 2350) who would you choose? 9 times out of 10 it will be the higher tester. and in your situation and probably in your high school, high testing predominates among top applicants. so aim to match your peers that from your context have been admitted to columbia. but in the end, that isn't a guarantee, its just a start.</p>

<p>I'm ranked #1 out of 400 kids. The average SAT score in my school is 1430.
The last kid to get into Columbia from my school was 3 years ago. The kid was hispanic and had a 1930 SAT.
Will Columbia know my high school's average SAT score? Will it being so low hurt my chances?</p>

<p>Further more, I have the highest SAT score in my grade.
My schools sucks!!</p>

<p>well if you're that much above it, no. and yes they will know either your avg. sat score, or the last kid to get in from the school. to see how you compare.</p>

<p>wow, for your school you're doing great, I think you are well within range as a first generation at a bad school.</p>