Questions About Connecticut College / mainly student life and social scene!

Hey Guys,

I was just finding threads about Connecticut College and there isn’t a lot so I wanted to ask a few questions. Because I am an international student, I do not have the opportunity to visit any colleges before applying and therefore your answers would mean so much to me, thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

-What are the students like at Connecticut College? I can see some people saying that they are preppy elitists but I was wondering how you would describe the students at CC now? Also, I am not familiar with the term preppy…what does this actually mean if you would describe students as preppy?

-Since I will be applying for financial aid I was wondering if there is a divide between students who are there on financial aid and students who aren’t. Are social groups/friends formed based on their financial abilities in Conn? What was your experience like as a first-year meeting new students?

-Party scene: how is the social/party scene like at Conn? I do like to party and I want to go to a school where it’s like work-hard, play-hard definitely. Are parties exclusive (I know this is a case with fraternities but since Conn doesn’t have frats I was wondering how parties at Conn are).

-I am also a part of the LGBTQ community. How accepting is Conn, and are there many LGBTQ students? I think that being in an accepting environment is really important for me because it means I can be myself! :slight_smile:

-I know that this isn’t true but there is a stigma in my country about liberal arts colleges that it is hard to find a job with a liberal arts degree. What is the career services like at Connecticut College, especially in International Relations/Economics, are there any career fairs on campus or opportunities for students to meet employers?

-Being an Asian student, I am just a bit worried about being a minority will feel like. Are students accepting of all races, are there any racism incidents at Conn? (I know every school is not perfect and I get that :slight_smile: )

Again, thank you soo much for your help and thanks for reading all my questions. As I said, I don’t have a chance to visit the campus so your insights, and opinions mean so much to me and I will be applying to schools and this is the only chance for me to know more about the school. I hope you guys enjoy your day and Happy Holidays!

Even if you could answer one or a few questions that would be so helpful to me! I realized I wrote too many questions

Connecticut College is very welcoming towards LGBTQ students as it is in a democratic leaning state(as opposed to Republican).

Ok, I’m going to date myself as an original owner of The Preppy Handbook, but if I were creating a vision board, preppy to me would mean a combination of sporty and fancy. Think old money, vineyard vines, lacrosse, boating, Nantucket, prep school, etc. It can be used to describe a style of dress, but can encompass a way of life as well. I’m open to expanding my definition given that I am old, so I won’t be offended if anyone thinks this is off base.

Conn Coll like all the NESCAC liberal arts colleges are certainly open and accepting. Conn has an understated arts culture/vibe as well.

It’s a classic looking campus but the students will not be monolithic stereotypes.

You will have no problem finding fun. However these are small schools, it’s not NYU or a major state university type environment.

I have no idea about financial aid.

Best of luck.

I am a student at CC!

Most students at CC are pretty rich, not really preppy though and pretty much everyone is super friendly. People assume its a preppy vibe because it’s a lot of private school kids, but I get more of an artsy and laid back vibe on campus.

There really isn’t a divide between poor and rich students as most people are rich, it is a small private school so a lot of people come from boarding/private school. There are some people on a lot of financial aid, but they are not excluded from that fact alone.

There are some decent parties at CC across the street, but you usually need to be on a sports team or go with someone on a sports team to get in. Freshmen do have some difficulty getting into parties, they usually just do small parties in the dorms. International students tend to stick together when it comes to parties.

CC is very accepting of LGBTQ+ members, there is a building on campus dedicated to it and there are lots of people in that community, from an outside perspective they seem to feel very safe on campus.

CC is not a racist school by any means but is a very white school, so it can be a weird transition for some.

CC does have lots of academic fairs and events to attend, they’re not that well attended but the opportunity is there if you want the advantages.

If you have more questions feel free to message me and I will happily answer them.

Conn college has a mix of students (based on visits there and the different kids who have gone from our school.)
Based on how you describe yourself, I think you would find your people and be happy.

Definitely take advice of resources like @chiefpat to get info.

@chiefpat thank you soo much for your detailed answer! :slight_smile: I do not know how to send private messages on here yet so im trying to figure that out…i hope you enjoy your year at CC! :slight_smile:

My daughter visited (without me) and she thought it was beautiful and very much liked it. Just telling you this since you cant physically check it out.

Hey, I’m a sophomore at Conn! I totally agree with what @cheifpat said. It’s a very good school academically with lots of individual attention from professors. There’s a strong sense of community and we have an honor code which we are expected to abide by. There are many clubs, and the train station is super close for weekend trips to Boston or New York City, if you want off campus stuff to do :slight_smile: The campus is made up of historical stone buildings, which gives it a very charming vibe. We are also located in an arboretum meaning there are plants from all over the world so it’s really beautiful in the Spring, especially! Best of luck with your search, I hop this helped a bit!