Questions about Cooper Union Architecture Hometest

<p>Hi everyone, I am a little bit confused by the Hometest stuff...
I am really good at math and physics, and I love art!
the problem is, I have not learnt painting systematically.
I mean, I am good at doing art crafts, paper engineering, and other handmaking things——Almost all the props for our school Destination Imagination (if any one of you have heard of that= =)team were designed and made by me, and everyone in my class just loves it——but I am not good at sketch! </p>

<p>I just want to ask I have to have very good basis in painting skills to get in to CU?
(I know that's important...I will learn it in the near future but I am applying now!)
What if I am lack of skills in painting but really good at doing handworks...?</p>

<p>I heard that Cooper Union only looks at your creativity and thought process... great artistic detail and skill won't be extremely important.
The prompts are really abstract, big brain teasers from what I've gathered (did lots of research because I was considering applying to architecture for Cooper U)
Also, I assume by painting you mean only painting? Because architecture mostly uses graphite and pen. (took a short architecture class over summer).</p>

<p>Good luck! :D</p>

<p>Nope you don't need a good basis in anything. Technical skills are developed at the school, it's just really important that you have a strong conceptual thought process and that it shows in your hometest!</p>

<p>any examples of those who got accepted?</p>

<p>Thanks to all of you that replied! Your advice are really helpful!
Any of you applying this year, too? We may discuss further^^</p>

<p>yes, I am applying this year..
waiting to get that hometest :P</p>

<p>Here's one from last year: Cooper</a> Union Architecture Hometest 2011 - Accepted - a set on Flickr</p>

<p>AKA, I have no chance :) :/.</p>