Questions about Duke

<li>What do people do in Durham or the surrounding area?</li>
<li>What is life like for people who don’t drink and dislike frat parties? </li>
<li>Are the dorms really as awful as some people say?</li>

<li><p>Lots of community service projects, lots of diversity, nice mall about 20 minutes away at Southpoint, nice places to eat off of east campus.</p></li>
<li><p>I'm in a fraternity, so I'll let someone else handle that.</p></li>
<li><p>The dorms aren't awful, at least from my experience after visiting my friends at other schools. Some rooms are better than others, but I love my dorm. I live in one of the old ones on the main quad (east) and it feels like a big house to me. It's really social and comfortable. Sure it's not fancy, but it gets the job done. Not having a/c is sort of a pain, but it's really only the first few weeks, and it became a bonding experience because most of us spent time in the a/c-ed common room doing work and meeting each other.</p></li>

<p>The dorms aren't awful, you might not like everything about them or even like them at all right away, but they do grow on you. I think the best thing to do would be to visit Duke and try getting inside one of the dorms to see. They are all very different and it would be very difficult to try to describe them in any detail in this thread.</p>