questions about elon

<p>i'm currently a high school junior and i'm really interested in applying to elon next year. i live in michigan, so it's very unlikely that i will be visiting the school. if i do apply to elon, i would want to apply for early decision. i think ive probably gone through the majority of elon's website, so i know the school is great academically. but i still have some questions about the school.
1. do a lot of students have cars on campus? i already read on elons website that you can rent cars easily. i have a car, but i dont know if im going to be bringing it. are buildings far apart on campus where the majority of people just drive?<br>
2. how is the bio/premed program at elon? i saw that elon has a cadaver lab, which sounds amazing, but any other feedback would be great. interested in getting involved with the greek system, is that a big part of the campus? and any details about greek housing would also be great.</p>

<p>In response to your questions:
Freshmen can have cars on campus. And, yes - many students do have cars.
Also, Greek life is HUGE at Elon - you shouldn't have a problem with that at all!</p>

<p>Though while the Greek system is huge, it's not everything.</p>

<p>Many students do have cars, but it isn't necessary. They have zip cars on campus that you can use if you join that program. I understand from my daughter that the cadaver lab is great. She took anatomy her sophmore year and has been a TA ever since. Very few undergraduate programs have human cadaver labs.</p>

<p>My son has his car, and he is probably in the dorm furthest from the middle of campus. He drives his car occasionally to get to a class. Also, students at some dorms, because of their housing location, are required to move their cars for home football games in the fall. My son often drives his friends places, including to and from the airport, when needed.</p>

<p>Greek life is big on campus, although my son didn't pledge. From what I've seen the houses are VERY nice, all grouped together in one location. You should have no problem getting involved. Elon doesn't allow freshmen to do rush till spring semester, so they can spend fall getting used to their new environment.</p>

<p>Since you haven't been able to visit the campus, let me just say that it is really beautiful and is quite a special place. My son has been very happy there and definitely made the right choice.</p>