Questions about FAMU

<p>Okay so i have a few questions about FAMU. to get my 1st pick for housing and to get in , when should i start applying ?? i'm a junior and i've already taken the SAT but im going to take it again and the ACT in March.</p>

<p>what semester you plan on going to the school?...if its the summer apply during the summer like june or july thats what i did it gave me enough of time to get things done and enough of time to take the ACT</p>

<p>so if i want to go to their school during fall 2013, apply this fall or summer ?
i think i'll plan on attending during the fall. im not sure yet</p>

<p>apply during the fall they accept apps year round but only on da semster u plan on goin if u wana go during the summer u apply during the summer </p>

<p>the scores u need is a act: read:19 math:19 and e/w:18 sat: read n math: 460 and writing 440...and if u have a 3.0 or higher when the school recalculate than u get accepted regardless of test scores</p>

<p>.Oh okay thanks , that's pretty simple. Have you visited there already ?</p>

<p>no not yet my school suppose to have a college tour so ima see if famu will b on da list</p>

<p>.Oh okay. Me neither. I need to very soon. It's my 1st choice. Wby ?</p>

<p>yes it been my first choice since da 7th a senior now</p>

<p>Oh wowh. Okay. So what's their campus like ?</p>

<p>i dont kno i havent visited yet...</p>

<p>.Oh okay. i dont know why i asked you that &you just said you hadnt visited .. lol but whats your name ? i'm courtney.</p>