questions about financial aid & honors college

<p>Okay I got accepted into Stony Brook, but I have a few questions.</p>

<li><p>For the honors college, on the SB website that acceptance letters would be mailed mid-March. Does anyone know if the decision will be online and what days exactly?</p></li>
<li><p>When I checked my status with solar. There is a section Student Financial Services then Financial Aid. When I clicked on View&Accept/Decline FinAid, it said Aid Year: 2009. Aid Yea Description: No financial aid data available.
Is it supposed to be 2009? and is it supposed to be “No financial aid data available”? What does that mean by the way? </p></li>

<p>If anyone could answer me, thanks so much!</p>

<li>HC decisions should be up any day now.</li>
<li>I don't think financial aid packages have been finished yet; all that should start to get posted in the next week or so.</li>


<p>I was just afraid that something might have gone wrong. But I guess I should keep on eye on the mail.<br>
Thanks Chris! You help so many people on the board...thanks for all the time that you give to others!!</p>