Questions about getting into UPenn

<p>I go to a Creative and Performing Arts high school and I'm going into my junior year there. Since 8th grade I've been a member of a competitive cheer and dance team. I traveled all over the country with them and we competed at a large dance competition that had teams from all over the world. Seeing as it was highly time consuming and left no room for me to any other extracurriculars I was just wondering if it would look bad that I only had my cheer/dance team as my extracurricular. I'm pretty sure I'm finished with it and I want to do start volunteering and doing other extracurriculars. My school doesn't offer any sports but they do have a lot of clubs.
I also have a high GPA 3.87 and am taking 2 AP classes (my school only offers 3) and have won a lot of writing awards (I'm a Literary Arts major at my school). Am I on the right track for UPenn? Also, has anybody tried College Board's online SAT Prep program?</p>

<p>I'd say you're on decent track. The truth of the matter is, no one knows why we got in really, or why we didn't for that matter. Even if you're a fantastic applicant, you still might get rejected. My advise to you would be to take advantage of all that your school has to offer (which doesn't appear to be very much?) and maybe get involved in your community. Show some real commitment in the activities that you partake in and make sure to get fantastic recommendations. If you really want to improve your chances, I would say apply early. I really think that would help. </p>

<p>In regards to the college board SAT Prep, yeah I did that. It okay. for me I appreciated the practices tests they had. This is the best SAT prep tip you're going to get: you need to print out a practice test, go to a quiet library on a Saturday morning, and take the ENTIRE test. Sit there fore three hours like it's the real thing. You dont NEED SAT prep for that obviously, but if you feel you need it, you might be just as satisfied with the help in the SAT college board book or other study guides. You just need to keep practicing. I did think and I raised my score from a 1960 to a 2230 in one sitting. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Thank you so much!
Yah, my school doesn't offer very many after school activities. We don't have any sports because they want us to focus on our art forms, but the middle school attached has sports. They have a variety of clubs but they were all on days I had cheer/dance practice. It was rough. </p>

<p>I really struggle in Math and my last math teacher wasn't good at all. She taught us hardly anything. We all failed the final, only 2 people got B's before out of both of her classes. I heard the SAT has a lot of math so I'm really worried. </p>

<p>But thanks again!</p>