Questions About GWU and Chance!

<p>So to apply for GWU, we need a Common App Essay and fill out the GWU supplement right? Which is better, doing the common app of the separate GW app, and when will the common app supplement become available?

<p>UW GPA- 3.85-3.9.... W is a 4.45 </p>

<p>Took all honors and AP classes in HS, with exception to electives which are only college prep.
Volunteered 223 hours
pres one club, founded one club, treasurer one club, head volunteer at hospital, editor-in-chief of a website, featured in New York Times, national honor society and class advisor for my grade.</p>

<p>Either is fine - GW doesn't care.</p>

<p>ACT/SAT average. GPA very good. If you have 4 or 5 AP's with good scores I'd say yes. Better chance if you apply ED.</p>

<p>IF interested in GW - interview and try to visit - they look at "Demonstrated Interest" as an admission criteria.</p>


<p>by ED do you mean early decision? And I can't make it down to DC, can I request an information packet instead to show interest?</p>

<p>Yes - ED is early decision. I also know GW can arrange an alumni interview near you if possible, but you have to request one.</p>


<p>Will ED increase my chances of getting in? And is it if I get in I have to go? I'm assuming the deadlines are earlier, but I want to take my SATs again so i hope they don't interfere.</p>

<p>Yes, your chances would greatly improve ED. If you get in ED, yes, you are expected to go. Submit your ACT - it's OK.</p>

<p>Do I have good chances with regular decision?, I don't like the binding part.</p>

<p>RD is unpredictable.</p>

<p>If you don't like the binding part then ED is not for you.</p>



<p>Assuming GWU is your dream school (the only good reason to apply ED), what part of "binding" don't you like?</p>

<p>Listen to VonLost - very wise moderator.</p>


<p>Well is not really my dream school, just a school that I would like to go to, i want to weigh my options beforehand.</p>