Questions about hearing back?

<p>I applied to Early Action to UT last week, and it says that I will receive an answer by Dec. 15th - How will I get this answer? Does it come in the mail, or is there a way to check up on your application status online? If there is, I have not gotten an e-mail with my username and password/pin or anything like that. Also, while I know it says I will know of my status by Dec. 15th, do they generally tend to wait until the final day, or do they usually tell you weeks before that? I'm an anxious senior!!</p>

<p>Any help would be much appreciated!</p>


<p>I applied through the fast track app- they got my last document on October 13th, found out I was accepted today. They posted it on myspartan web- I had to email an admissions officer to get my login information. They're really helpful, don't be scared to email them :) Trust me, I was just as anxious as you are! Good luck!</p>

<p>thanks! and congrats!</p>

<p>they'll put it on spartan web, but you'll also get a letter in the mail. :D good luck!</p>