Questions about Innovation Academy

<p>Hey guys, I got accepted for IA for the spring of 2013. I'm fine with Spring summer courses, so whats so bad about it? What are the advantages and disadvantage of the IA? I'm majoring in Pharmacy by the way.</p>


<p>Additional Info</p>

<p>Decision: Accepted Out of state (I know i'm lucky don't rant)</p>

SAT I 1680
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.92 (UW) 4.12 W
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): top 3% of school</p>

<p>Extra-Curricular Activities/ Clubs and Organizations</p>

<p>• Spanish Club (12th Grade)
• Math Club (10th-12th Grade)
• Duke Tip Program (10th-11th grade)
• T.N.T.T church youth group
• Hands on Georgia (11th-12th grade)
• National Honors Society (11th-12th grade)
• D.E.C.A Business organization (9th-10th Grade)
• Technology student association (10th-12th grade)
• Future Business Leaders of America (11th-12th grade)</p>


<p>• Track Team (12th grade)
• Tennis Team (9th-12th grade)
• Cross Country Team (10th-12th grade)</p>

<p>Leadership Roles
• Technology Student Association
o Secretary (9th,11th grade)
o Parliamentarian (10th Grade)
o Vice president (12th Grade)
• Future Business Leaders Of America
o Secretary (9th Grade)
o Treasurer (10th-11th Grade)
• Spanish Club
o Parliamentarian (11th Grade)
• Tennis Team
o 2nd doubles (9th Grade)
o 1st Doubles and 3rd singles (10th Grade)
o 3rd singles and 2nd singles (11th grade)
o 2nd singles (12th grade)
Community Service/Projects</p>

<p>• Take Steps for Crohn’s & Colitis walk (6 Hours)
o Walked to raise awareness and money for people that suffer from Crohn’s and Colitis disease
• Weekly maintenance of “Our Lady Of Vietnam” catholic church (summer 2011) (73 hours)
o Cleaned the church and the gym
o Helped prepare for events such as the Autumn festival and New-Year’s celebration
• Project Vietnam (service Project in Vietnam) (Summer 2010, 48 Hour)
o Service Project in rural areas Vietnam
o Help distribute basic necessities and medicine to families in this area
o Assisted in repairs of rundown buildings
• Walk to cure breast cancer 2009-2011 (9 hours)
o Annual walk to cure breast cancer in Atlanta Area
• Pines Library summer volunteer program 2011 (100+ hours)
o Help organize and maintain summer scholars program for children ages 5-17
o Assisted in organizing books and files
• Appalachia service project/A.S.P (2008-2012) 500+ hours)
o Yearly service project with Decatur First Methodist Church
o Help repair/build houses for the underprivileged population around the Appalachian area
• Help a child smile organization (2011)
o Raised 500+ dollars
o Increased awareness of facial abnormalities such as cleft throughout community
• Future Business Leaders of America
o Raised money for the organization via bake sales and activities
o Raised money to help state officers distribute goods to tsunami and earthquake victims in Japan
• Technology Student Association
o Distribute electronics to underprivileged community members
o Raised money for school through laser engravings and competitions
• North Clayton High school
o Assists councilors and teachers distribute papers throughout school
o Maintained a clean environment for peers (Wednesday Maintenance)
o Tutored students in Math and Science
• Tennis
o Taught underclassmen and middle school students the basics of tennis
o Oversaw practices when in the absence of the coach
• American Red Cross
o Active red cross member and donor</p>

<p>Essays: Generic Essay for all my applications, but it was a written from the heart.
Intended Major: Pharmacy
State/Country: GA
School Type: Mid-size Public (2,000-2,500 Students) 300 student senior class
Ethnicity: Asian
Gender: Male
Income Bracket: under 50k
Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): First generation college
Strengths: Strong ECs and community service
Weaknesses: SAT score
Why you think you were accepted/denied: I honestly do not know why I was picked over people with 2000+ SAT, but i am very grateful!
General Comments: GO GATORS! </p>

<p>Where else were you accepted/denied?** Clemson university, University of Georgia, and Mercer university.</p>

<p>Have you looked at the FAQ page for IA? University</a> of Florida - Admissions</p>

<p>I have indeed looked at the page, they however do not seem to address everything I want to know and they certainly do not do it from the viewpoints of a traditional freshman. Basically what I want to know is will my 4 years at UF be different if I were in the IA compared to if I were not.</p>


<p>Also what scholarship/grants will I be able to qualify for generally if I am a out of state student from Georgia.</p>

<p>Duke TIP yet your SAT was in 1680s?</p>

<p>and GL with scholarships. Other than your inflated GPA, there is nothing except words. Atleast you successfully padded your app.</p>

<p>I don't recall asking people to rant.. I just want some information/help, so please keep your negative comments to yourself. P.S have you looked the the req for Duke Tip?</p>

<p>My concern with IA for you is whether you will be able to get the Pharmacy pre-requisites in a timely manner you will need since so many are sequential starting in fall semester. If you do make it into pharmacy school, will you be able to take courses in fall with your fellow classmates?</p>

<p>I completely agreed, I think the way around this problem is if I take an extra course load through online classes at some point during my 4 years there.</p>

<p>My main problem is the amount of funding I receive as OOS tuition is ridiculously high!</p>