questions about MBA!! "Minority & Female" helpful?

<p>ok, so my goal in life is to have an MBA by the time i'm 22. does it help that i'm female and hispanic? if so, how much does that help? and lets say i get my MBA from a university in the UK, will the states recognize that as a credible MBA, or will i have to pass another exam?</p>

<p>Pass another exam? There are no formal exams in getting a job in business. </p>

<p>I would also question why you'd want to get an MBA so quickly. </p>

<p>I don't think it would be useful for you to get an MBA so quickly in life unless you have some unbelievably strong business background that you're not telling us about. The fact is, the MBA is most useful only if you have lots of business experience to back it up. Nobody "needs" an MBA to get into business. It's not like being a doctor, where you have to go to medical school, no 2 ways about it. In business, nobody really "needs" an MBA, it's really an optional thing. Hence because it is optional, what is important is getting an MBA from an elite school - yet that's an extremely difficult thing to do if you dont' have any experience. If you have no business experience you will find it very difficult to get into a strong B-school. Don't get me wrong, if a school like, say, HBS admits you, you should definitely take it (heck, if HBS admits you without any work experience, then the very moment you get the letter of admission, you should call them up and accept the offer before they have an opportunity to withdraw it) , but that's not likely to happen.</p>

<p>i have a lot of work experiance for only being in high school. i worked in a restaurant for one year and have two years of hotel experiance. that alone qualifies me to be a hotel assistant general manager and/or work in sales. i am planning on transfering within the hotel i currently work at. when i graduate college i will have been with the same company for five years.</p>

<p>It's still a fairly tall order to get an MBA when you're 22, your experience notwithstanding. I suppose if you just wanted to get a no-name MBA, you could do it (but I would question how valuable that would be). If you're talking about the big leagues, like the top 5, then keep in mind that you'd be competing against guys who are coming out of McKinsey or Goldman Sachs.</p>

<p>well what about the fact that i'm female and an under represented minority (hispanic)? do they take that into consideration at all? i know work experiance is a must and i'll definately have that. i plan to move up within my company and continue working there during and after grad school b/c they offer tuition reimbursement.</p>

<p>Yes of course that helps except where it is strictly prohibited (i.e. California public schools do to Prop 209). But my point is, don't bank on it to make up for any deficiencies in your record.</p>

<p>And just be careful with the whole tuition-reimbursement thing. I know that it sounds good initially. But when you get to B-school, you will find that having the freedom to take any job you want with no strings attached is a tremendous asset. B-school is really all about networking and job-hunting. It would actually say that it's a rather sad and trying experience to see all the opportunities available and knowing that you can't do any of them because you have your hands tied.</p>