Questions About MIS Jobs/Opportunities

<p>I am a sophomore student at a top undergrad business school, and I'm looking to graduate with a major in MIS. I'm beginning to consider my potential future in the MIS/IT/business world and I just have some general questions.</p>

<p>(1) In searching for summer internships and other opportunities, what are some titles to look for? I know MIS is what I want to study, but I have not yet taken any upper-level courses in this area (I'll be starting these courses next year). I also do not have competency in any specific programming language. Can anyone recommend a typical internship title that would be appropriate for allowing me to gain some relevant experience? I want to do something this summer (as a rising junior) and my university has a pretty good internship directory, I simply do not know what to pursue in this regard.</p>

<p>(2) What are some general career paths open to MIS majors? I will also be minoring in Business Analytics, and the field of Business/Systems Analysis seems intriguing to me. However, from what I understand these are not occupations you just step into upon graduation. What other job titles or career paths (even outside of Business Analysis) would be feasible for a fresh MIS major?</p>

<p>Thanks in advanced to anyone who can provide any insight.</p>

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