Questions about NU, Common App

Some background: I am a current HS senior whose parents have comfortable income ($100k+/yr).

  • "Do you qualify for a Northeastern specific fee waiver program? If so, please select the fee waiver from the list below:" There's a dropdown box here that displays a bunch of programs. Does a 'fee waiver' here mean a waiver for the application fee? Should I say no because of my income?
  • "Do you intend to pursue need-based financial aid?" Again, I'm not sure how likely NU is to hand out any need-based given my income. Should I say no?

Given your income you are not likely eligible for application fee waiver.
As for financial aid it would depend on how much over $100,000 the income is and if you have siblings in college.

@TomSrOfBoston Well was hoping to not get too specific, but the income is ~$120k. I do not have any siblings in college (they both graduated).

The thing is, though, my parent is planning to quit his or her job in maybe 2 years (the other is not employed). I think I might need financial aid then. If I check ‘No’ here, would that forever disqualify me for financial aid?

Run the Net Price Calculator on the Northeastern website.

@TomSrOfBoston OK. What about my other question (second post)?

I believe that any financial aid office would say that your parent will need to postpone quitting their job in order to pay for your college, unless the parent becomes disabled.

But in general not applying for financial aid freshman year will not prevent you from getting aid in later years