Questions about pre-orientation and move-in day

<p>Hi all, </p>

<p>My son was admitted to Dartmouth, and we're trying to understand how the beginning of the school year works. He plans to participate in a DOC trip-- since we live far away, I think he'll try to get one at the end of the sessions. Then what happens? I see that last year there was an almost week long pre-orientation before move-in day that I think was after all the DOC trips (although I might be wrong.) Then move-in day. Then orientation for a week until classes start. There were parent functions on move-in day. Here are my questions:</p>

<li>Where do students stay during pre-orientation (after trips but before move in day?) </li>
<li>Are parents there for pre-orientation?<br></li>
<li>When do parents generally leave? I'm guessing that most are there the night before move-in day until the end of move-in day, or maybe the next morning at the latest. But I'm unclear about student arrangements after the trips and before they get into the dorms.</li>

<p>I know that classes start about 2 weeks earlier this coming year. Does anyone know the dates of any of these events yet? </p>

<p>Thanks so much to anyone out there with a little Dartmouth experience.</p>

<p>Apologies no answers, as I'm in the same boat as you...</p>

<p>D1 keeps asking me all sorts of questions about orientation, selecting classes, etc., and I've been growing snippy, responding that I'd know the answers if she had applied to/been accepted by my alma mater. But noooooo, my school was too crowded for her. :(</p>

<p>So here's how my family and I did it (I live about an 8-10 hour drive from Hanover, depending on traffic etc.)</p>

<p>Day before my DOC trip started, drove up to campus with most of my stuff. Stayed in a hotel that night, then got my Dartmouth ID and room key the next morning. Moved stuff into the room, moved furniture, but didn't really set up, and then went to start of trips. My trip got back the day before official move-in day (Most of the trips for kids from far away get back 1-3 before move in day, and then the kids from near by come to campus on move-in day.) My parents came back up to campus and were there when I got back from trips. We did dinner that night and then hung out the morning and afternoon of the next day (Official Move in day), before they went on their way. Really, my parents only came back for official move in day mostly just because my mom wanted to help move her baby into her dorm room, but also because it was nice to have help hanging posters and going to wal mart and stocking up on food and stuff. </p>

<p>Then there is orientation, which has some "mandatory" stuff and is just a great time to make friends and bond with people and hang out and get a feel for the place. I think most of the rest of my time at Dartmouth has been spent trying to recreate that ideal; orientation is a lot of fun. </p>

<p>They will make this all very clear, don't worry. I know its tough for the ED kids just hanging out til the regular admission kids get in and everything starts up for real.</p>

<p>Picking classes happens during orientation, although Dartmouth will send you materials before the start of the year to help people start thinking about classes.</p>

<p>I do not know the timeline of the upcoming year with the new schedule, but I think it'll be a good change. </p>

<p>If you have any more questions or that wasn't clear, feel free to ask away.</p>

<p>Hi Green 99, </p>

<p>Thank you! What about pre-orientation? It looks like it is the several days before move-in day? Do a lot of the kids participate in that? </p>

<p>Where will my son stay after his trip and before move in day if his trip also gets back a few days before move in day? Can he stay in the dorm? </p>

<p>I'm sad that you say that now you're trying to re-create the ideal of orientation. What changed for you? </p>

<p>Again... lots of thanks. DD</p>

<p>Hard_Knocks, </p>

<p>Maybe you are just teasing, but don't feel so bad that your daughter picked another school. Be proud she knows herself well enough to step out a bit. My middle son (Dartmouth bound) is the first of us not to go to Duke in a long time. We are thrilled and proud that he has a new and unique adventure in front of him. I'm so happy for him that I might burst!!!!</p>

<p>Pre-O is just for kids who are around campus before orientation starts-athletes, international students who may have been dealing with inflexible travel plans (although there is also separate international orientation, and kids who are back from DOC trips before orientation starts. It's organized so that there is organized activity going on for students who are already around for whatever reason, before the start of orientation. None of it is mandatory, and however much of it your son is around for will depend entirely on when his DOC trip gets back to campus. Pre-O sort of just runs into Orientation, they're not effectively all that different, except that there are more mandatory business type stuff to take care of during orientation and pre-o is more flashlight tag and capture the melon.</p>

<p>Oh, and yes, he can stay in the dorm. He can drop his stuff off in the dorm before trips (the morning of his trip), and then move right in the second he gets back. (After showering, nothing like a post trips shower.</p>

<p>What changed? Having classes, having obligations, having things to do other than sitting on the green talking about life and forming instant friendships with total strangers. Dartmouth is a pretty awesome place, but sometimes classes get in the way of taking advantage of all the other stuff there is going on, unless you really make an effort. And sometimes making an effort to go to that show, workshop, open house is hard, when you also have a test and a paper and you didn't get much sleep this week. During orientation you don't have other obligations, and everything is new and fresh and exciting. Mostly I want back the time when it is just my class hanging out. I'm told that's what senior week is like. Then they kick you out. Graduation, such a buzzkill.</p>

<p>Orientation, like sophomore summer, can best be described as Camp Dartmouth.</p>

<p>Thank you so much! You have helped me more than you know. What I think we'll do is just come in the night before move in day. And then leave the morning after. A girl's (mom's) got to know when it's time to go home!!!! YAY!! DARTMOUTH!! You guys all sound like you love it so much. I'm so happy for my son!!!!!</p>