Questions about Recs and other forms on the common app transfer.

<p>Hello I have some questions about the forms we have to submit to the transfer schools. I am applying using the common application. </p>

<li>How many recommendations do we need? Can the professors copy them and send one to each school?</li>
<li>I am doing undergraduate research at the medical school at the school I attend. Should I have the head of the lab right me a rec?</li>
<li>The midyear report form makes you sign saying you won't look at it but it asks for all the grades on one form... How do you handle this do you sign it and bring it from teacher to teacher then copy it and send it to all your schools?</li>
<li>I will have completed 30 credits at the end of this year. Should I still submit my high school grades and SAT scores?</li>

<p>Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer these.</p>

<p>(1) Look on the school’s website; it should specify the number of LORs to submit. If not, send two or three. Yes, your professors can copy the form and then send one to each school - that’s actually the best way to do it. </p>

<p>(2) Your call. </p>

<p>(3) You can have the professor sign off on it, then copy it. Or, you can copy it first, then have your professors sign off for it. Either way works.</p>

<p>(4) Should say something about this on the school’s website. Generally, universities want a copy of your HS transcript (and all post-secondary transcripts as well); they may or may not want your test scores - depends on the school, really.</p>

<p>Agree w/pencil on these.</p>

<p>1 & 4: go to the college websites, there is no one-size-fits-all.
2. As a supplemental LOR only.
3. Don’t worry about the directions on this form, they don’t make any sense, it’s OK that you see what the profs have given you for a grade.</p>

<p>Im assuming that the midyear report is due on the due date of the application?</p>


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<p>Is the school report filled out by the high school counselor? It lists my college courses on it and I am kind of confused…</p>

<p>Some schools require the Final Secondary School Report form, this is filled out by your HS GC.</p>

<p>But the College Official’s Report form, which lists college courses for this year, is filled out by someone at your college. Who does it varies by school, it could be your Dean, advisor, or someone else.</p>

<p>if the midyear report is late, or other school forms are late is that acceptable? also, what if you don’t have any grades for a class for midyear report (do I wait to take my midterm and then submit, or can the professor just fill out incomplete?) thanks in advance</p>

<p>Some schools give you some leeway on the deadline for supplemental forms such as the mid year report, LORs, etc. However, to be sure, I would call the colleges you’re applying to and ask them their policies. </p>

<p>For the mid-year report, tell them that you won’t have grades by the application submittal deadline and ask if you can delay the report until grades are in and send it then, be ready with the date you would send it.</p>

<p>can i just send it with a not/available signed by the professors (one of teachers actually did this when I went to go get the midyear report filled by him)? I had pretty good grades my first semester (3.8+) at a pretty decent school, so im hoping this is an acceptable alternate?</p>

<p>^That should be fine.</p>