questions about safety at lincoln center

<p>For anyone who is attending fordham I have some questions regarding lincoln center. My moms friend used to work at fordham an when she found out I got accepted into lincoln center she told my mother that if she was my mother she would force me not to go and that she should heavilly persuade me not to go to LC. My mom didn't get into specifics but she said the security at LC is not as good as rose hill and that there's much more crime, she said its very dangerous. To be honest I don't care I think she's being paranoid I don't see how LC can be sooo bad and how security is any different than at rose hill. If rose hill is safe in the middle of the bx LC should be good too. Does anyone know what she might be talking about?</p>

<p>I honestly don't know what she would be talking about. I'm sure that security at rose hill is more stringent, but that's because Lincoln Center is in a very wealthy, highly trafficked area of Manhattan.</p>

<p>My S is not a student yet...he will be at LC this fall. But he was invited to sit in on a class in Feb and couldn't get in the building without a letter from the Prof and id. I believe they even contacted the department to verify the letter. Very dangerous? Seems at least as secure as any other building in Manhattan. I'm not worried and I don't think your mom should be either.</p>

<p>Adding that you still have to use common sense though. It is a college campus and you are in the city...just be aware of your surroundings and what you are doing and you should be fine.</p>

<p>Cross posted with franglish, but we are also New Yorkers and agree LC is a great part of the city. You'll love it! :)</p>

<p>Security requirements to enter private buildings, especially schools, are stringent in most places, if not everywhere. But the area around Lincoln Center is wonderful. Full of tourists, expensive stores, restaurants, etc. Lincoln Center is beautiful and lots of fun. I am sure unfortunate things happen everywhere, but as a native New Yorker and a long time resident, I just love going into midtown Manhattan-- really New York is a very safe city.</p>

<p>I am a new yorker as well and I think she may be speaking of more what goes on inside the building. Like lots of drugs parties crimes w.e. and I kno all schools have that but she made it sound like it was sooo much worst at LC. She says I should transfer to rose hill. She also says the theatre district where LC is at has a lot of drugs...
I don't really care about the drugs there's drugs everywhere. And as far as the partying I love to party. As long as there's not rapes, burglaries, etc I'm fine.</p>

<p>Well as an LC student I can tell you she is very wrong. After months of coming in and out of the dorms, even though security guards knew who I was, I would still be stopped for ID just like every other student on campus. The security to the academic building is at times a little more lax because I believe the cafeteria is open to the public, but there is no way to get into the dorms without going by one or more security guards.
Also, they send the student body e-mails when there are security threats. For the entire year we only received e-mails about Rose Hill students with one e-mail about a "suspicious" person on the open to public green area of LC. The only real security threats were also from students who decided to go to ATMs in the Bronx at 2/3/4 in the morning.</p>

<p>The only reason I can imagine she'd say that is because there are open to public areas at the LC campus, but like I said, to actually get to the indoor facilities there is plenty of security.</p>

<p>Wow, I didn't know you LC kids got our security alerts haha. </p>

<p>I've never seen a security alert from LC and the ones from RH are just regarding stupid people who wander around the bronx drunk and alone in the early morning. And the occasional theft via an open window on the first floor of Martyrs. </p>

<p>Really, if my friends and I feel completely safe at Rose Hill where we actually DO get security alerts, then I have no doubt LC is equally safe at LEAST.</p>

<p>I think she might have been talking about behavior from students inside the building. Are there a lot of LC students drug dealing or doing hard core drugs? What about buglaries from within the building or student on student crimes? Are there a lot of rapes occuring in the building? Are the LC students rowdy?</p>

<p>What do you think this is?</p>

<p>I think East New York is safer than what you are insinuating LC is in your last post.</p>

<p>Ok I'm at Rose Hill, not LC, but I have NEVER heard of a rape on campus there (apparently we get their security alerts too) and the thought of LC being a drug hub were thieves and hooligans run wild just sounds really silly to me.</p>

<p>Listen, citygirl1018, if YOU don't feel safe at LC then don't go. If someone else is telling you that you shouldn't feel safe, well, that's another story and you should thank them for their input and then ignore it.</p>

<p>Goodness gracious. First of all, relax. Take a deep breath. Its going to be alright. </p>

<p>Second, college life on any campus is full of people with immoral values and people who make stupid choices about drinking, drugs and leaving valuables in the open. it happens everywhere.</p>

<p>Third, rapes are extremely rare.....but what can happen is that people make bad decisions about drinking and then some idiot decides under the influence of alcohol that he doesn't want to take no for an answer when he starts groping. So the simple answer is dont go bar hopping or to parties in dorms, if you do, don't drink but if you do, hold onto your drink and only have one...and then leave....with your roomie...not some boy you picked up at the party. NEVER let anyone in your room at night, particularly if they have been drinking. Its common sense. </p>

<p>You will find people making poor choices, whether at Georgetown, Fordham, Harvard or where ever. </p>

<p>Lincoln Center is in a very nice part of Manhattan. Its very safe there. I know people taking night classes there who are resident students at Rose Hill. And vice versa. </p>

<p>The dorms and campuses of Fordham are very safe. Campus security is good, though never perfect. The best prevention comes with COMMON SENSE. Watch your valuables. DONT DRINK (or drink to excess), go out in groups and stay with your group. Don't do random pick ups. If you have a boyfriend, and he is trustworthy, he should be your escort across campus or in town. Everyone turns into a pumpkin after midnight. Don't forget that. </p>

<p>And otherwise, hang out with people like yourself...who may or may not be a roomie. The smart kids who study for fun, usually find themselves very easily. I'm not talking about antisocial nerds either. Just smart kids who "get it" on what it takes to succeed, but still have fun with activities at Fordham, or socializing.</p>

<p>You will be fine. Welcome to Fordham and have a good time...but studious time!</p>

<p>@monoclide: I am not insinuating anything about LC, I have never been to that particular campus I am merely asking questions. Maybe you should look up what the word insinuate means.</p>

<p>@yenrod: Thanks for ur answer. That pretty much clarifies my question.</p>

<p>@sandkmom: I never said I did not feel safe at LC. As I said before I have never been on the campus and just wondering how it is.</p>

<p>@Ghostbuster: I am relaxed. Im just asking questions. I was born and raised 30 minutes away from manhattan I never thought it was unsafe but after what I have been told about the LC campus I'd be stupid to atleast not ask questions. And I have lived in the city my whole life I know how to use common sense. And secondly I dont think people who drink party and do drugs are immoral...I was just curious. My mothers friend made it seem pretty wild out there I personally wouldnt care if it was because I like to party but like I said I was just curious as to the truth of what I was told because I have never heard of anything like that at LC. And also I dont want my mom to worry. But thank you for the answer it was very informative.</p>

<p>citygirl - You are absolutely right to ask the question, especially if your mother has concerns. My S is a junior at the RH campus and believe me we asked a lot of questions regarding saftey both on and off campus before he chose Fordham (and we also live close to NYC). Good luck in your college search.</p>

<p>yeah, citygirl, even if you aren't quite as cautious as Ghostbuster recommends, I think you'd be safe at LC.</p>

<p>^^^^, your smug commentary isnt appreciated yenrod. </p>

<p>citygirl: If you put the question out there, then you have to be prepared for the responses. For the record, I do think that sexual promiscuity and drinking under age (particularly binge drinking) and doing drugs is immoral. If you disagree, then perhaps your common sense isnt what you think it may be. I would rethink that response if I were you. If you are so informed about city life, then I query why you even asked the question.</p>

<p>What I told you is what Fordham will tell you at Orientation after move in and what kids with common sense will tell you. I don't frankly care what you or anyone else does, except that they live within the rules which are promulgated to protect you all from yourselves and to provide a healthier living environment. </p>

<p>Just because you live near or in NYC doesnt make you smarter, more common sensical or better than other students. In fact, from my daughter's experience some of the most outrageous and immoral behavior has come from kids from all over the country, including New York City, Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey. But that is another topic for another day. And yes, it was outrageous behavior inside the freshmen dorms.</p>

<p>The perspective of college kids and that of administrators and parents are often diametrically opposed, which goes with the territory.</p>

For the record, I do think that sexual promiscuity and drinking under age (particularly binge drinking) and doing drugs is immoral.


<p>Hahahahaha. </p>

<p>I don't see why this thread has as many posts as it does. Safety? Really? I am pretty sure a tier one school has a grip on safety. We often hear about the horror stories about X or Y being raped or attacked by Z or A or B and C. Yes, it does happen, but it happens everywhere. Given the circumstances, it was probably within context. I read an article about how stabbings have increased in Union Square - the title of the article sounded concerning, until I read three paragraphs in where it states that stabbings occur in the early hour of the morning when people are looking for trouble. Am I in the square at 3 AM looking for fights? No. Safety concern? Haha, no.</p>

<p>Let's face it: there will always be that idiot. Don't be that idiot. And this isn't even considering the amount of students that come home safe every night - whether it be high, drunk, sober, or passed out.</p>

<p>@Ghostbuster: I cant speak for Yenrod but I dont think anyone was trying to be smug with seem quite smug yourself actually. </p>

<p>Anyway, for the comments directed towards me you have it all wrong. I thanked you for your informative answer about LC and moved on. I dont know why ur catching a heartattack over there. I never said I was better than anyone because Im from nyc or that I was smarter for that case. Does it make me more smarter about the area, and more sensical about the city? Obviously yes it does. When you live in a certain area your whole life obviously ur going to be more sensical about that place than a tourist, but it doesnt mean I am "better" than anyone as you like to put it. The only reason I even brought that up was because ppl were saying that you have to use "common sense" in the city, and that nyc is not as bad as ppl say it is. I was merely trying to get across that I know how to use common sense in the city, and that I never said nyc was dangerous or that manhattan was. Thats all. </p>

<p>And I asked the question about the LC campus obviously because I have never been to that campus only rose hill and was curious. Theres nothing wrong with that. The question was more directed to behavior inside the building rather than the lincoln center neighborhood itself. </p>

<p>As far as ur other remarks-I do not think that people who do drugs, drink, party etc are "immoral" people. I dont judge anyone especially just on those few aspects. I am not going to sit here arguing with you about morals. Your opinion is ur own. Thats why its called an OPINION its not a fact. So no I will not rethink my response. Who are you to tell me to rethink my response anyway? You have one huge ego to think that people really care that much about ur opinion. Just answer the question and thats it geez you dont have to write a book. And I have plenty common sense thanks. So you can stop shoving ur opinion down peoples throats now.</p>

<p>Just a note to safety in the dorms at LC since that is where this question started. The doors are double bolted with view holes. If you don't want someone in your room, trust me, they won't get in. And if your roommate for some reason lets a dangerous person in the apartment, your individual room has a lock as well. That said, while drugs and drinking occur at any school, none of my roommates (including myself) participated in either and we faced no problems from other students in regards to pressure to join nor in endangerment from inebriated people. </p>

<p>Side note.. I don't think "sensical" is a recognized word.</p>

<p>Ghostbuster- you have a right to your opinion and your morals, and I respect that you hold your own opinion in high regard (as all people would). However, I hope you also have tolerance for those who disagree with your opinions. While I don't agree with underaged drugs/ drinking, and thus don't participate in them, I don't find people immoral for participating, perhaps misguided or not clearly thinking, but generally I don't hold it against them as a personality flaw.</p>

<p>With regard to safety inside the dorm at FCLC, let me just say this: for the entire second half of last semester, the door to my suite did not have a lock. As in, we put our key in the lock one day, and the lock fell out, and we just never bothered to fix it since half my suite lost their key anyway.</p>

<p>We lived on a heavy traffic floor (it had a lounge) and not once did anyone come into our room that we did not invite, nor did anything get stolen. so there's that.
if you happen to be worried about someone from your suite getting into your stuff while you're out, there are individual locks on the doors to the bedrooms that are different for each bedroom, so other suitemates cannot unlock your door if you happen to lock it.</p>

<p>As for heavy partying in the dorms, people try, but they usually get busted. the RAs do rounds every few hours well into the night, and generally if there is a lot of noise they will come in, even if you aren't having a "party" necessarily. from what i know, people more often just do a little pregaming in their rooms before going out to the bars or clubs around town, because it's so much easier (and much more fun) to party in the city than party in silly ole mcmahon.</p>

<p>In general, i feel like LC is safer than RH. People can get a little bit wild, but it's normally when they're on their way out, or on their way in to the dorms, it's never a "let's get wild" scene within the dorm. Also, as someone else mentioned, we do get security alerts of things that go wrong, and i don't think i saw a single one from LC the entire year, normally they are from RH, and i've never once felt unsafe walking around the area near LC at any time of night. So I don't think you have anything to worry about. :)</p>