Questions about sat classes

<p>hey, today i got my schedule for this year and i didn't get the class i wanted, so i got put into this sat reading prep class. have any of you guys taken a class like this? and do you think it will help me with the critical reading passage questions? thanks a lot!!!!!</p>

<p>What class did you want?</p>

<p>i wanted western civ., but they didn't have enough teachers</p>

<p>I seriously don't think a SAT class in school can help much unless it is very well organized. If the class is filled with motivated, dedicated kids (not just people who got put in cause there were no other classes), the teacher knows what he/she is doing and there is some sort of structured curriculum based on working with real SAT tests, then the class might be worthwhile. My school offered a class</a> like this but it was not during the school day, nor was it solely for reading. My school also offers a "College Prep" class that essentially a SAT vocab memorization and free-reading class that most people find useless.</p>

<p>Take an academic course.</p>

<p>there are no more worthwhile ones that have places left, no more ap courses or actual interesting honors, but i went to it today and the teacher is strict on schedules and keeping up with the syllabus she made. so i will give it a try, possibly it'll give me more time to just study for math at home. anyway, i'll let ya'll know after the take sat's if it helped hehe :)</p>