Questions About SAT Deadlines?

<li>Will my SAT scores or SAT II scores reach any of the Ivy League and other elite colleges in time if I take the test in January?</li>
<li>Should I retake a 1480 (720 V, 760 M)?</li>
<li>How many times is taking the SAT I considered acceptable?</li>
<li>For the Northwestern HPME Application, will I be able to have them consider my January SAT scores?</li>
<li>What is an average score for the top of the Ivy League?</li>

Thank you!

<li> Most likely they will. They'd receive them at the end of February, and since they don't decide for another month, I don't see why they wouldnt accept them.</li>
<li> I wouldn't. </li>
<li> As many as possible, right?</li>
<li> no clue</li>
<li> 1450, about that, but remember, that includes athletes, urms, legacies and people with assloads of money. So, about 1500, excluding them.</li>

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