Questions about SAT IIs

<p>I plan on taking taking three SatIIs in Dec. I plan on taking the writing, math and a third. My math skills are pretty good (710 on SAT I), however, I have not had much exposure to math above Alg2. Should I take the Math1 or 2? Also what would be reccomended for my third SAT II? I was thinking about biology or literature. Which SAT II do people find the easiest and score the highest on?</p>

<p>Have you tried testing yourself in the 10 real sat ii's to see whether you should take math 1 or 2 and bio or lit?
I suggest you do so; after doing that, i realized math 2 would be better for me; and i was able to decide b/w 2 subjects for my 3rd test just like you</p>

<p>What books do would you reccommend for the writing, math, biology and lit?</p>