Questions about Selective Scholarship Application (SSA)

My daughter got the OOS Dean’s scholarship for $8k a year and was invited to apply for the Selective Scholarship Application (SSA) through the Hutton Honors College. She petitioned the Kelley Business school for direct admit since she applied without test schools and was accepted. How competitive are the SSA scholarships? How many kids apply and how many get it? Please share any hints.

It depends on the scholarship. You should have gotten an email from IU regarding the SSA and which ones you are eligible to receive. Research these individual scholarships on their website.

If she took a very rigorous course load, has a high GPA, and has high quality extracurriculars + essays, she would probably get a Hutton Honors scholarship ranging from $1-6k per year. However, because she applied test optional, she is limited in the other scholarship opportunities through Kelley such as the Fry Scholars program.

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Thank you for your insights :slight_smile:

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My OOS son also got a Dean’s scholarship (amount TBA -waiting on the mailed packet) and then got a new email asking him to complete the SSA. Does this mean he’s potentially eligible for two different scholarships? Direct Admit to Hamilton Lugar School.

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The Dean’s/Provost scholarships are the basic scholarships awarded automatically for GPA + course rigor. The SSA is a uniform application for everything else that your son may qualify for.

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Does anyone have any insight on likelihood of any SSA scholarship if you cannot demonstrate financial need (for OOS). For many of the scholarships listed, they indicate showing need.

Many of the SSA scholarships don’t pay mind to financial need. Perhaps the biggest SSA scholarship program through the Honors College looks purely at merit.


Does anyone know the financial range of the SSA award?

read somewhere it ranges from $ 1000 - $4000 an year.

Thank you

@shermaro The link below shows the various scholarships available to incoming students. It can vary a lot based on residency and program

is there some date where you should give up hope you’re going to get an email for the SSA?

depends on when you applied and what your application stats are (GPA, SAT scores). Based on GPA, SAT criteria and application date, an applicant gets invite only SSA automatically.

What are your stats and when did you apply? If you haven’t gotten it by now you won’t be getting it.

My son finally received his Hutton Honors invite today. He already had completed his SSA so all we have to do now is wait and see if he gets anything else from IU. Good Luck to all of you and hopefully COVID-19 will be a thing past when you all start your college career this coming Fall.

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It’s probably just late in the game so I get if you hear nothing there’s a reason. Applied 10/31 for the EA deadline. Accepted a few weeks ago, then got the kelley direct admit this week, and an email for a small dean’s scholarship a few days later, but all this did not materialize until this early January period. I was curious how common it was to get a dean’s scholarship but nothing further. Thanks all.

My son was a DA to Kelley in 2014. He got a small Provost Scholarship and nothing else. He had gotten into Kelley with a 30 ACT score which we were all so excited about, because it was his dream school. Don’t give up on getting scholarships because once you get on campus and perform well in Kelley, there will be opportunities for additional scholarships. After his first semester he was awarded a 400$ scholarship, which was renewed for all four years he was at IU. This was given to him for performing well during his first semester, 3.7 GPA and he didn’t even apply for it. He applied to become a Peer Mentor at the KLLC, which he did for two years, which covered 50% of his housing costs. After his Sophomore and Junior years he also applied for scholarships and was awarded another 4,000$ for performing well in the classroom. So scholarships are available and if you do your part you can and will be rewarded for your efforts. Good Luck and enjoy your journey over these next four years.

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I don’t know about how common it is, but it is awarded to exceptional students, directly corelated to your GPA. I know of a kid who got $9K/year.

It’s relatively common to receive if you have above average stats for IU.

The SSA is due Feb. 1 so all prospective candidates have probably all been notified.