Questions about several freshman classes?

<p>I am wondering if anyone has taken the following classes:
ANTHRO 104 - Cult Anthro&Human Diversity
ASIAN AM 101 - Intro to Asian Amer Studies
GEOSCI 111 - Volcanoes and Civilization
COUN PSY 125 - A Wisconsin Experience Seminar </p>

<p>If you have, could I please receive some feedback on these classes.</p>


<p>I have heard that the Wisconsin Experience class is a lot of work for the 1 credit.</p>

<p>^ Our D2 hear the same thing about the wisco experience class while at her June soar. She opted for the 1 credit ILS 138 class instead which was available for Chad residents. </p>

<p>D2 also heard good things about the Bugs class (Entom 201) for meeting 3 credits of science so she booked it. Hopefully she will get over her fear of bugs after completing that class.</p>

<p>My son took the Bugs class, no final, 3 identification quizzes (not of live/dead bugs, just from drawings), and 10 random attendance quizzes (write your name on a piece of paper and turn it in) along with a 60 day project raising a Manduca from egg to moth (you have to turn in the moth with your daily observation journal). Bring a digital camera and take pictures daily of the Manduca next to a ruler. Also helpful to print out in a small font 'Day 1', 'Day 2', 'Day 3' on a slip of paper, cut out and put that in the picture, too (Entomology 201 - Insects and Human Culture).</p>

<p>I took Anthro 104 last year. If you have it with Zhao it's easy, otherwise I heard it's a pretty tough class</p>