Questions about stevenson! pleaasse help!

<p>ok so i got into stevenson and i have to apply to the housing very soon. Can anyone tell me about the eight housing complexes within stevenson?
which ones have better views? </p>

<p>what are the stereotypes for each if there is even any?</p>

<p>and whats the difference between the upper and lower quad and is a certain one better? </p>

<p>any advice would help and thanks very much</p>

<p>The view from any one room or lounge in any given dorm varies wildly depending on their facing. The southeastern side of Stevenson's Dorm Five has a nice forest view, while the bottom floor single room at the northeastern corner has only a view of the preceptor's driveway (that was my room for the 1969-70 and 1970-71 years).</p>

<p>Furthermore views vary from year to year depending on vegetation. The single best view from any dorm room on the entire campus in the first few years had been the third floor western corner room of Dorm Seven at Stevenson, looking over the field and Monterey Bay. That changed when a tree grew so tall that it blocked that view. Since then the Stevenson apartments have considerably changed the views from the western sides of Dorms Seven and Eight.</p>

<p>Some people like rooms with views of the quad squares. Some prefer forest views and some prefer long sight lines. You have to choose a room with the proper window facing.</p>

<p>The only significant differences between Stevenson's quads are access to bus routes, bicycle paths and parking. The lower quad is best for bike paths and the upper quad for parking.</p>

<p>Oh, and the lower quad has a truly gorgeous walk around the base of the hill, overlooking the field and Monterey Bay. I walked that every non-rainy day for four years because it was so pretty.</p>

<p>In the spring of 1968 there was one day when an arm of fog coming up the hill got so far ahead of the main fog bank that the setting sun after dinner created a rainbow in it at the far end of the field. People walked out of the now-closed Stevenson dining hall towards the lower quad dorms, saw the rainbow and stopped dead. Eventually the whole hill where the Stevenson apartments now are was filled with students watching the rainbow created by the setting sun through that arm of fog. Cowell students saw us all standing there, came over and were transfixed too.</p>