questions about Texas A&M

<p>Hi, I am going to be a senior this next fall in high school and am curious about Texas A&M. </p>

<p>First, after looking at pictures of the campus on google images, the campus seems kind of ugly. Am i right, or am i missing something?</p>

<p>Second....i know that TA&M has good engineering and stuff like that, but what about the political science and journalism departments?</p>

<p>Thanks! </p>


<p>A&M is not one of the most beautiful campuses ... it has its own beauty though, a mixture of old and modern.<br>
you need to make a campus visit - google images do not compare to in person tour.
I find it beautiful, I'm an Aggie... the beauty to me comes from my memories of events that took place on that campus. </p>

<p>I have no ideas on A&M's political science and journalism depts.</p>

<p>The pictures on Google are quite accurate. The campus is pretty "ugly" to me. No beauty at all. There is also lots of construction taking place now, making it worse. But yes, to put it bluntly, the campus is ugly.</p>

<p>A&M's poli sci and journalism dept. are okay. UT's would be much better in those.</p>

<p>im not sure you would even be able to get a job with those majors....... i take it, you're planning to go to ls?</p>

<p>The campus isn't that pretty, but it definitely looks better in person than on google images.</p>

im not sure you would even be able to get a job with those majors


<p>Completely untrue. You can get a job with those majors, however it may not be the job you are really looking for.</p>

<p>Also, if you appreciate the beauty of that area of Texas like I do then it is a perfect place to be. The big city is not for everyone.</p>

<p>@Xcellerator: Based on the many posts I've seen you make on this forum, do you have much good to say about Texas A&M? Why such negativity? I can agree that the campus itself is not the best looking in the world, but ugly? Seriously? Sounds like someone's dead set on a transfer to the good old city of Austin.</p>

<p>I actually do have some good things to say lol. Good engineering school. Very friendly. Pretty good basketball team. The rec is one of the only super cool thing that I like here. Other than that, I just can't see what's so appealing at A&M, especially if one is doing pre-med/pre-pharmacy. I'm sorry, but this place isn't for me. I want to maximize my chances for med school, not minimize it. :/ Maybe I need some good convincing??</p>

<p>Oh my gawwddd, the buildings are terrible! They only clean one side of the building that's closest to the roads (facing outside) and leaving the dirty/black side that's facing inside. And they're pretty old too. Landscaping is horrible as well, even my English prof says it's ridiculous. The only new building that's pretty awesome is the George P. and Cynthia Woods Mitchell (physics building). I've been to other campuses such as UCLA, USC, UH, Wisconsin, and UT (duh) and they are all much better/prettier. Though, it's not like it's a big factor anyways...</p>

<p>I am going to tell you by friends experiences the pre-med at UT is not going to be much to talk about either. Really, the pre-med programs at large schools are not going to be as good especially in the important statistics like %entering med school. If you are expecting anything better out of the lower division chemistry/bio/physics/math classes then you will be horribly surprised because UT is just as notorious as any of them when it comes to the weed out factor. The only redeeming factor for UT is that it is in a big city where you can probably find good internship opportunities that would not be as easy to find in college station. I also understand that some schools are not for some people. One of the best pre-med schools in the state: Austin College. Some 80+% of their pre-meds get into med school, they help give internship opportunities, and they help tremendously in MCAT studying. However, it isn't the big name school and it is in a boring town. It truly depends on the person.</p>

<p>X wanted to go to Ut his Senior year in Hs. So that explains .....</p>

<p>doin pre med at Ut want help you anymore than doing it at A&M...</p>

<p>get a good MCAt an your set, look into that JAMP</p>

<p>sounds like Austin College is the route to go lol, some people just like to say "i went to UT"</p>

<p>AggieEngineer - I honestly don't care for lower division/upper division science classes. Why would I expect it to be better at UT than at A&M? I've already had this discussion too many times. I'm transferring to UT b/c of the research opportunities, hospitals, and the city (#1 in the nation Keeping</a> Austin weird, and No. 1 Know). Classes should be the same for either school. But the big thing is that College Station does NOT have hospitals/doctors for the "required" clinical experience/shadowing that I will need. I had to wait at least a YEAR just to get a non-clinical volunteering spot at St-Joseph's. Also, I can't do freakin' research 'till I'm a junior. At UT, they have FRI and numerous professors looking for students to be RA's or do some research. I talked to a lot of profs at A&M and they all turned me down. -_- Third, College Station cannot compare to Austin as a city. There is nothing in CS besides Northgate and acres of farm. As for the MCAT, I will probably be taking a Kaplan/Princeton Review course anyways so I should have that part down. There are also many internship opportunities as you already stated in Austin. For medical school, you need a good GPA, good MCAT, clinical experience, outside volunteering, shadowing, and research to get in. I also like to watch winning sports teams (ones that count), not losing ones at A&M (besides basketball). But that's really not much of a factor too I guess...</p>

<p>And no thanks to Austin College. I want to go to UT, not some school nobody has never heard of. xD</p>

<p>Football is all that UT has imo....</p>

<p>and lol i know their has to be one hospital in CS, you know the one where everybody knows each other.........</p>

<p>im pretty sure a good GPA and a good MCAT score outweigh everything else...</p>

<p>I like Dallas better than Austin, but im biased lol.</p>

<p>^UT would be quite a bit better for pre-med students. That is pretty much a fact. Without a hospital, A&M is behind UT.</p>

<p>lol their has to be a Hospital in CS</p>

<p>Well of course there is a hospital in CS. It's a little bit far from campus (3+ miles), but there is a HUGE waiting list for volunteering there as I've already stated (2+ semesters to get a spot). I didn't have a car so I was screwed anyways if I got a spot and the bus system sucks for that route. There is also a small hospital that wasn't even on the bus system so I had no way of getting there (1+ semester to get a spot). One mid sized hospital and a small hospital cannot accommodate the many pre-meds/students at A&M. Compare that to like 15 hospitals in Austin (like 4 or 5 within walking distance). -_-</p>

<p>I was pretty ****ed when I found this out last year. :(</p>

<p>pierrechn - There's also Baseball and Basketball (down year) at UT.</p>

<p>yea i know UT has those sports, but i just like football... didnt their baseball team lose to TCU or something? </p>

<p>you should go to Med School in Dallas, we have several hospitals...</p>

<p>UT baseball had some years where they were really good. Basketball, they were lucky to have Kevin Durant and they still couldn't perform to their potential which is pretty sad considering this guy is a NBA superstar.</p>

<p>UT hasn't played TCU yet. They do this Friday in the best of three series in the Super Regionals. UT baseball has been beast.</p>

<p>Yeah, Rick Barnes should be fired. He's been sucking a lot lately. Can't even freakin' utilize talent. I'd much rather have Turgeon. That guy knows how to maximize what he has.</p>

<p>pierrechn - If only I get accepted to UTSW lol. I'd love to. But it's pretty damn hard to get in.</p>

<p>to bad the JAMP would get you in........</p>

<p>JAMP requires that your EFC be no greater than 8000 which knocks out a substantial number of people. At least that is how I read it.</p>

<p>Ehhh, at least I won't be in as much debt as those JAMP students. JAMP program isn't really that fair but whatevers. Physicians will make less in the years to come so those JAMP students will have a hard time paying off their debt anyways...</p>