Questions about the BA dance program help!

Alright so im writing here hoping to get an answer since the admission office of Juilliard did not give me a reply. I am 16 years old and only have 3 months of dance ballet experience. I have been told i have great technique and talent very often. I train everyday for 6-7 hours and my flexibility is not a problem. I do however lack of experience in the field and certain vocabulary words but it wont stop me. As you may know, I want to apply to Juilliard. For me this college was never an option. It was so far out my reach. And it is. But I dont want that to let me stop me from applying. Im not rich or have great connections but I have a determination in these 6 months to be as great as I can be as an individual and dancer. Juilliard is the perfect college not because of the name or whatever but because it provides exactly everything I need for me to develop as a dancer. I like to challenge myself. I am confident and before that, I can be molded as what anyone needs me to be. The star questions are:
It is said to have at least 3 years of prior dance experience. Can I still pre screen my audition pay and send it to them? Or will they still decline wether im good or not. Also How many students (dancers) apply every year? Do you think I have a chance? Could I get in contact with a teacher to help me prepare for my video? To be clear, I respect FULLY people who have been training for their whole lives I do not mean to disrespect them, I just want to grasp an opportunity if its available for me. I hope to get a clear response on this. I am very serious about my future and career, I would sacrifice anything for this. Dance defines me, and although there is a lot more in life than just dance, I cannot see myself doing anything else.

THREE months of experience? You’ll be competing for a position with kids who have been dancing since they were born. I don’t think your chances are good.

If you are a junior this year, you could dance for 2 years, take a gap year and dance, and I think you’d have a better chance.