Questions about the budget cost? Thank you!

<p>My FA almost meet Tuition and Fees plus Room & Board, and I have to pay for the following two things:
Books& Supplies 1,220
Miscellaneous 1,900</p>

<p>1)I want to major in Public Policy & Physics, so how much does the Books& Supplies cost in fact? I have heard that reference books about natural scineces and Eco are cheaper than books on fine art, because you can buy or borrow used ones.</p>

<p>2)What does Miscellaneous mean? Does it covers health insurance and transportation(i.e. air tickets)? How much does it cost on average or at least?</p>

<p>3)The required job employment is $1000, so can I make more money by on- or off-campus jobs? What might be the maximum amount earned by one? </p>

<p>Generally speaking, according to my case, how much in total will be my family contribution per year? Books & Supplies, health insurance and transportation, which is part of billing process? </p>

<p>Thank you everybody at first! Looking forward to your reply!</p>

<p>I can't answer most of your questions as we pay the full freight for Kenyon and provide our DD with health insurance. However, my daughter, who is now a Senior has never gone above the $900 we leave at the bookstore for her each semester. She also tends to have leftover money to spend each semester in the bookstore for supplies or even snacks. You will find that most of your elective books can be found used at the bookstore (at least as long as the prof doesn't decide to upgrade them) and sometimes you can find used books in your major at the bookstore or another bookstore near campus. Just make sure you get them as soon as you can before they are sold out. </p>

<p>As for jobs, you will find that most of them are on campus unless you have a car bc you would not be able to walk to Mt. Vernon. We know of many students with jobs on campus. Look into being a tutor as you become an upperclassman. It allows you to do your work sometimes when noone shows up. I believe it is only two hours per week per subject and tends to be easy income. You get an hourly rate and it varies for different subjects. As you are a double major you could tutor for both departments for 4 hours per week. There are other jobs on campus, as well, that you should ask admissions about BEFORE you get to campus. That way you can apply as soon as possible. Some are more labor intense than others. If you are really computer literate and do some programming there are opportunities working on the Kenyon website troubleshooting for students with problems, and at the library.</p>

<p>off campus job is illegal for international students. I made a little over a thousand dollars this semester working at the gameroom, the biology department and admissions. you are allowed a maximum of 20 hrs of work each week. there are a lot of employment opportunities if you really want to work so that should not be a problem. i suggest you not to get a bookstore account because the bookstore is pretty expensive. i bought all my books from the co-op bookstore. Its a makeshift bookstore run by students where u get used books at a cheap price. even the bookstore sells used books but i think u get better deals outside the bookstore. besides, u can always go and buy stuff from the bookstore later: its not a compulsion to have an account there. u can also buy books online at a much cheaper price and from students who have taken the course. some classes might be problematic because of book editions but they are usually not a big deal and u can get thru using older editions. the professors are usually very considerate in this regard as well.
my family was expected to contribute 2000 each year but i paid sth like 300 to the college for the year. judging by ur financial package, i would say you and your family will have to pay something like maybe a thousand dollars each year to the college, excluding transportation and books. add another thousand or so for books and stationery (if u get used books). also, your major thing does not really matter because you still have to take a lot of requirement courses that will need books. science books do tend to be expensive but liberal arts subects tend to use many books so the cost pretty much evens out. so i would estimate that you and your family will have to pay something close to 2000 dollars a year excluding your transportation (from china?) of that, you can easily make atleast 1000 dollars a year yourself during the school year itself.
hope this helped. if there is anything else, feel free to contact me.
have fun.</p>

<p>To swimkin and chochu444
Great! Thank you very much! Now I understand such things:
1, Book and Supplies do not need to be paid to the school and I can pay it personally. The total fee in average every year may be 1000USD.
2, there are many on-campus jobs fulfilling my needs.
3, the Books& Supplies 1,220 and Miscellaneous 1,900 may be estimated by the FA office and they varies according to different cases.</p>

<p>1) The FA is including on-campus job about 1000USD per year. So can I earn another 500-1000 USD per year, in addition to the 1000USD earned by jod, covered by FA?
I read some words of chochu444's post " I made a little over a thousand dollars this semester " There are two semester a year, so it is possible to earn 2000USD by job every year?</p>

<p>2)Miscellaneous do not need to be paid to school. So what expenses can be put into this category? Health insurance, for instance? I have learned from some Chinese 08ers and 09ers that it costs no more than 1000USD, because the room and board fee have been covered... I just can't figure out what else will I spend in Kenyon...wondering...</p>

<p>3)are there students staying at school during summer and winter vocation? Are the school, the dorm and the dining hall opened in thesedays? Could somebody tell me some more informatiuon about this?</p>

<p>4)to chochu444
You have said that "i would say you and your family will have to pay something like maybe a thousand dollars each year to the college"
Would you mind if explaining what does this amount of money cover?
Thanks a lot!</p>

<p>I love Kenyon because the small and tight community and I am very happy that students and parents of students of Kenyon are willing to help me. Thanks a lot!</p>

<p>And to add on... hehe, what are some ways in which we can save $$$? I know people who actually bring along bottles of shampoos, shower cream, toothpastes and toothbrushes from their home country... Any other things that you guys can add on? List down here!!!</p>

<p>wow...quite a few questions there
well, i said a thousand because of a few simple calculations...not exactly sure what things that amt will cover. basically, my package said i have to pay 2000 a year and i paid abt 300 dollars to the college itself. yes, i made sth like a thou bucks this semester (so u can make 2000 in a year, i think) and if u want, u can easily save a lot of money because gambier is really inexpensive. also, u can find work for the winter as well ( i am staying on campus now and working for admissions) and make some money. there is no charge for lodging in the winter but you have to make your own arrangements for food. i think they charge you for summer though.
i dont know if i answered all ur questions...oh wait, abt the health insurance thing...i think its pretty inexpensive. i think kenyon provides plan A of the insurance and you only have to pay plan B which costs something like maybe a 150 dollars (I think that's what I paid for). not really sure but i think that's how it works.
so besides paying to the college, u ll have to buy books and materials like that. if u want to take sculpture or art, for example, you need to buy related materials regularly for class. but i dont think they amount to that much. i paid sth around to 500 for books last semester, i think.
well, i hope i got it all rounded up. too sleepy to check it again. if there is anything else, feel free to contact me or keep asking here.
have fun!</p>

<p>Thanks a lot! Now I can figure it out!
I fully understand it. Thank you very much!
Happy new year to everybody!
2006, a new start!</p>