Questions about the Integrated Language Arts Program - Mainly for Ed Majors

Hi there-

I am currently a high school senior who will be entering Kent State’s main campus this fall as an Integrated Language Arts Ed major. I’m trying to plan out my classes, having done extensive research, and have a couple questions:

  1. What # of credits do College of Ed students take each semester (including methods and content courses)? Would you say you take more or less credits in your upper-division years? Would six classes/>17 credits be doable in upper-division years or too stressful?

  2. How difficult are Ed/Methods courses? Are there any professors I should avoid? Any I absolutely should take before I graduate?

  3. How does ADED 42292 (Practicum) differ from ADED 42357 (Student Teaching)?

  4. What makes ADED 32142 (Principles of Teaching) “writing-intensive”? Would you say it’s more work than an English class?

  5. Would anyone be able to supply me with syllabi from CULT 29535, EPSY 29525, SPED 23000, ITEC 39525, ADED 32142, MCED 40007, ADED 43315, ADED 43325, and/or ADED 43315? (these are classes I am required to take as part of my major)

  6. Would you say the program prepares you well for the real world of teaching?

I appreciate any and all feedback I can get in having my questions answered! :slight_smile: