Questions about the pre-dentistry that UIC offers

I have a question about this certain degree that UIC offers.

When a student enters this program, is it a 2+2 degree?

Where a student maybe has to major in biology after that most credit course can transfer to the pre-dentistry and the student has to satisfy the remaining credit hours.

I’m just confused how is this degree even labeled when an undergraduate passes it?

Biology in Pre-Dentistry for Bachelors?

Or Bachelors in Pre-Dentistry?

I’ve done some research and this may fall under just a pre-preparation while majoring in topics a student loves to satisfy the merits for pre-dentistry.

Found something interesting online 'Please be aware that pre-dental is not a major. The students are encouraged to select a major based on their area of interest. Makes perfect sense.

A BS degree in biology can meet most merits of pre-dentistry with additional course work depending on the Uni.

I thought we went through this at least once already?


The link clearly says that pre-dentistry students can major in anything they choose, but must fulfill the pre-dentistry requirements for applying to dental school.

So…pick a major…any major. Make sure you take ALL the listed prerequisite courses as well.

Your diploma will reflect the major you choose.

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I’m almost done planning things out.

What is the point of pre-dentistry at UIC when I can go to Northeastern Illinois University get a BS in Biology and those courses from the AS in physics fit very well in Biology since a student has to take some physics, gen chem, and organic chem.

BS in Biology does have some physics, calc and chemistry I think I might choose that degree :slight_smile:

I was thinking of just majoring in BS in Biology for now since it has a little bit of physics, chemistry, calc and I can take biology 1,2 and microbiology AP 1 and 2 which I did not have a chance to take at my CC as well as organic chem 1 and 2 :slight_smile:

What is your career goal after completing your BS (in biology or whatever you decide)?

I finally come to a good reasonable decision of what I want a bachelor’s in science still thinking of the major to pursue in BS.

But what do you want to do once you have your BS? What type of job is your ultimate goal?

Will you start working once you complete your 4 year degree? If so, what job will you pursue?

Or will you then apply to graduate school or dentistry/medicine (as you’ve mentioned in other threads)?

Once I get my BS degree I need a 1-month vacation and work. I’ll think about it once I get the BS.

That’s a good plan. While you are researching majors, I suggest looking at the job prospects for that BS major. It may be worth a visit to the career services office at your CC. Knowing you have career options after the BS is very important. You may change your mind about continuing your education, you may need to save money before continuing your education,… a lot can change in a couple years. You’ve worked very hard to earn a degree; make sure it is one you can use after your 4-year degree is complete. :grin: