questions about the UNC Institutional Grant

<p>I am an incoming freshman for the 2009-2010 school year at the UNC. I received some “Institutional Grant” as part of my Financial Aid Package. Here is my question:</p>

<p>Can I use the “Institutional Grant” for the following:</p>

<li> Books, study supplies, and the CCI laptop</li>
<li> University meal plan</li>
<li> off-campus housing</li>


<p>After you pay for your tuition and fees and your UNC balance is zero, the remaingin amount of your fin aid will be refunded to you so that you may use it for the things you have listed aove</p>

<p>(I don't go to UNC but generally that is how fin aid works)</p>

<p>is it automatically renewed every all of the financial aid renewed every year.</p>

<p>every year you file the FAFSA and stuff again, and the process basically starts all it's not automatically renewed, but it is renewed every year...</p>