Questions about the UNM Department of Film and Digital Arts

I am interested in the Game Design and Animation concentration at the Department of Film and Digital Arts., but there doesn’t seem to be much information online so I have a few questions:

Is the department a 10 or so minute drive from campus like google maps claims? If so, is there a bus that goes from the main campus to the building and is the commute manageable?

What is the quality of the department, particularly the Game Design and Animation concentration? I can’t seem to find any people giving reviews of their experience.

Any help is much appreciated!


The Fine Arts Bldg/CERIA is is smack in the middle of campus. So is the Robert Hurting Bldg.

The Arts Lab is right across the street from campus. The only offsite facility is the Aperture Center at Mesa Del Sol. The center is adjacent to both to both Netflix Studios and Albuquerque Studios.

There is a UNM shuttle to runs regularly between the main campus and Mesa del Sol.

How long it takes to drive to Mesa del Sol from campus depends on the traffic. 10-15 minutes would be typical.

I don’t know much about the game design program so I can’t help you there.