Questions about transfer courses

I am a Foothill college student now. I plan to apply to university this fall, but I have a question. My English courses will not be completed until the end of the spring semester next year. Will this affect my transfer?

Which schools do you plan to apply?


Are you TAGing either to UCI, UCSB or UCD?


In general, completion of both English course requirements by Fall 2021 is preferable and could help your admission chances, but as long as you have them both completed by Spring 2022, you should be fine for transfer.

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I really I am relieved now. My friend told me that I need to complete them before this fall to be admitted. I have been anxious until now. Thank you for letting me breathe easy :-)

If you were TAGing to UCD, then yes you would need to have them both completed by Fall 2021.

Completing as many course requirements prior to Fall 2021 could make you more competitive but not necessary if you are not applying for TAG.

It’s okay, I didn’t choose TAG