Questions about transferring credits... and more!

<p>When would someone find out? I sent in my syllabi for my courses ages ago, but my audit only takes my AP scores into account. I have over sixty credits and am extremely concerned about what is going to transfer! </p>

<p>Would anybody know?</p>

<p>Also, when is registration for parking permits made available? </p>

<p>And, last question (!), is there anyone who knows anything about the 4+1 plan??</p>


<p>You should get at the very least a tentative transfer credit evaluation sometime before the end of summer. I knew some transfers who didn’t get their finalized transfer credit evaluation until like a month or two into school.</p>

<p>4+1 plan??? You mean the fifth-year masters program through Peabody? I’m not sure what exactly you’re referring to.</p>

<p>Professors have to evaluate the transfer courses, so it can take time. My D established a good email relationship with the transfer credit person & they kept in touch over the summer. The problem for her was that she didn’t get all of her transfer credit in place before the parking sign-up opened. By the time she was actually classified as a sophomore, all sophomore parking spaces were filled (no freshmen parking & only limited sophomore parking). She didn’t get the okay to have a car until February or March of her sophomore year!</p>

<p>There are several 4+1 programs, I believe. You can find out about them by searching on the Vandy website.</p>

<p>How necessary are bicycles? Do they get stolen often? What about cars?</p>