Questions about USC and a Chance!

<p>So to apply for USC, we need a Common App Essay and fill out the USC supplement right? So only one essay unless you are applying for journalism?</p>


<p>UW GPA- 3.85-3.9.... W is a 4.45 </p>

<p>Took all honors and AP classes in HS, with exception to electives which are only college prep.
Volunteered 223 hours
pres one club, founded one club, treasurer one club, head volunteer at hospital, editor-in-chief of a website, featured in New York Times, national honor society and class advisor for my grade.</p>

<p>GPA is on par and ecs are decent as well. Need to increase either SAT or ACT scores in order to have a chance though. If you can get 30 or at least 2000 on either test you should have a good shot.</p>

<p>What's the average GPA?</p>

<p>SAT/ACT is far too low, especially for the journalism major. I agree that for AT LEAST a shot at spring admission, you'd need a 30/2000 and for fall admission you should strive for a 31/2100. Also, if you are serious about Annenberg, I think it would be foolish to use the common app.</p>

<p>you can't use anything besides the common app</p>

<p>USC is using the common app this year for first time.</p>

<p>If you can't increase your scores, you better write a damn good essay. That's another option</p>

<p>I was mistaken -- I thought the common app was optional, not mandatory this year. What a bummer; I don't think the common app is a very good indicator of a student's ability to stand out from the crowd as it's rather generic (supplement or not.)</p>

<p>OP: Can you explain the disparity between your SAT/ACT and your high GPA? If you really took all honors and AP classes in high school, there must be a reason the test scores don't really match your academic success. (Learning disability, day of test issues, etc?)</p>

<p>If this is true, perhaps you can explain that in your application -- but I still think that you should try to raise the SAT by another 200 points to have an actual shot.</p>

<p>test day paranoia</p>

<p>Take it again and RELAX. If you can't raise it to 2100ish levels, I don't see USC in your future.</p>

<p>Test day paranoia? As in you don't trust the test and have suspicions of the motives of the proctors? I don't understand. Do you mean test day anxiety? </p>

<p>I performed my best strangely when I told myself "it didn't matter at all." I know that probably doesn't help you because you'll be feeling the pressure but I actually performed my very best the day I slipped up huge and forgot my admission ticket. Had to call my dad. As result was late to the testing room. Last to get a seat. I just told myself "wow this is a joke just have fun with it this time" and not coincidentally that time (which happened to be my lowest stressed testing day because I told myself "oh well just pretend it's a game and go with it") I did my best scoring significantly higher than all other times I tested. Needless to say I didn't score higher than that 34 on the ACT that day (~2280 SAT equivalent I think) again in high school.</p>