Questions about Valparaiso

<p>Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone here goes to Valpo and what your thoughts are on the college? What are common majors there?</p>

I've never herad of such a college. sorry, cannot help you. good luck with your college search..</p>

<p>Located in Valparaiso, Indiana. 2749 full time students. Affiliated with the Lutheran Church. Most popular majors: Nursing, atmospheric science and meteorology, elementary education and teaching, marketing and management, mechanical engineering.</p>

<p>Glad to know more information about the college.I'm sure it'll help a lot of students like me who are trying to enroll in colleges.</p>


<p>We visisted there last year and enjoyed the campus (even though it was February!) It's not quite small, but not really big enough to be called medium... The admissions office is very friendly and helpful. There is a newer library and new student union. Also a huge chapel with services every day (the tour guide told us there was "quiet hour" on campus every morning, when you could go to chapel or just have some time alone - no classes or food service at that time.) The arts building seemed pretty cool, with practice rooms, concert hall, auditorium and art exhibits. Valparaiso is only a train ride from Chicago.</p>

<p>If you have not heard of Valpo, you must not be a basketball fan! Their team has been to the NCAA's quite a few times...</p>