Questions about Wes for incoming freshmen

<p>I figured incoming Wes freshmen would have a lot of questions about the school, such as dorms, buying stuff on/off campus, dining plans, so maybe we could use this thread for answering those questions. </p>

<p>I'll post the first one: </p>

<p>I got a packet recently from Wes suggesting that I buy bedding from their catalog thing. If I bought normal sheets from say, Target, would they not fit the Wesleyan beds? If they do/don't, what sized bedding should I buy (twin, dorm, twin extra long?)</p>

<p>pretty much every college dorm uses twin extra long sheets, which you can buy at target.</p>

<p>Do not fall for this scam.</p>

<p>I did, and it was not a good thing.</p>

<p>You can buy the same sheets outside the university for half the price; do remember, universities are also businesses. They are probably getting paid a commission by this company for every set they sell.</p>

<p>Will someone give some advice about meal plans? Is it better to have more set meals than points, or more points than set meals?</p>

<p>I just keep hearing to get the meal plan with the most points. Friends of mine who already go to Wes seemed to do well on that plan. You have more flexibility with more points.</p>

<p>most people do the plan with the most points. even then most people have more meals than points left over at the end of the year.</p>

<p>which computer to get mac or pc?</p>

<p>is there a target/walmart/some big ass supermarket nearby to shop for stuff for low prices? </p>

<p>regarding the meal plan, if i was to eat 4~6 meals a day, would the highest meal points cover it?</p>

<p>are there decent kitchens in fauver? or clark?</p>

<p>are there paid research jobs? if not, what jobs give the least work/most desirable (please explain why desirable)?</p>

<p>thanks in advance <3</p>

<p>there’s a target in meriden which is like 15 minutes, and an A&P grocery store on washington street which is right off campus. there’s also a walgreen’s on main st. </p>

<p>never seen the kitchens in clark or fauver, sorry. </p>

<p>there are research jobs, I don’t know how hard they are to get. the easiest jobs are working in the library, although there are plenty of other good jobs–just look on the student employment site and keep your eyes peeled for flyers around campus. </p>

<p>do you seriously 4-6 meals a day?</p>

<p>Thanks for the answers, jarsilver!</p>

<p>and yeup, I do.</p>

<p>well, usdan is all-you-can-eat anyway, so there’s no way you would pay for more than 3 meals a day. you may be tempted to go for the most meals, but I bet even if you do eat that much it’s not gonna be all at the dining hall. if you want to get up for scrambled eggs and bacon every day for breakfast, than yeah, more meals are better, but points are more malleable and you can buy food from weshop to make food in your dorm any time. </p>

<p>there’s a pretty good explanation of the meal plans here: [Login</a> | Facebook](<a href=“!/topic.php?uid=222379672626&topic=15763]Login”>!/topic.php?uid=222379672626&topic=15763)</p>

<p>Oh so you can buy points at any time but meal plans are set in stone. Are meal plans equal to points in terms of cash? So is like the exchange rate 1:1:1? 'Cause then points would win by a long shot! </p>

<p>The link doesn’t work for me btw.</p>

<p>Another question!
Is the gym free to use?</p>

<p>HI! I am interested in the Justice and Reason FYI and I want to live in Fauver. I heard before that most FYi are situated in the Butterfields, is that true?</p>


<p>I think you’re confusing FYIs with Living and Learning Seminars, which are a special type of FYI that encourage extra collaboration among the people taking the course by placing them in the same dorm or hall. So, while Living and Learning Seminars are a type of FYI, the two are not the same.</p>

<p>What you’ve heard is that most Living and Learning Seminars (‘Justice and Reason’ is a Living and Learning Seminar) place students in the Butterfields. I’ve heard that, too. But I was told by one of the Orientation Interns that it is NOT true. People who sign up for Living and Learning Seminars are assigned to a variety of residence halls. I’m assuming that each Living and Learning Seminar (I think there are four) corresponds to a separate dorm or hall.</p>

<p>yes the gym is free and superb.</p>

<p>Are there instructors at the gym to teach you some routines and guide you through your workout? Are there courses I can take for fitness or resistance training?</p>

<p>The entire athletic center is absolutely amazing and free. Definitely one of the best facilities in the entire country, without question.</p>

<p>As for courses, explore to your hearts desire: <a href=“WesMaps - Wesleyan University”>WesMaps - Wesleyan University;

<p>in short, yes, you can take fitness courses</p>

<p>oh i’ve been wondering this for a while…what’s the best phone service on campus? i have tmobile and it was pretty spotty but i’m thinking of switching to at&t</p>


sorry for the confusion…
“Meals” refer to what you use each time you swipe into Usdan (all-you-can-eat), or when use one of meal bundles at Summerfields. Meals are worth somewhere around $9-10, I forget. If you run out you can buy more with points (or real money).</p>

<p>Points work like a prepaid credit card. If you choose the 135/496 plan, that means you start with $496 you can use at any on-campus dining place over the course of the semester–Weshop, WesWings, Star and Crescent, Red and Black, Pi, Summerfields, and the Usdan Cafe. They’re basically like 1 point=1 dollar, but I think it’s different if you want to buy more. </p>

<p>sorry, the link was supposed to be to the “Frequently Asked Questions” thread on the WesAdmits 2014 group. this might clear it up:


3.Meal Plans
Each of the meal plans at Wesleyan that are available for freshmen have their own pros and cons.
135 Block-Averages nine meals per week. Offers $496 in declining balance points each semester.
Best for: People who enjoy snacking from the caf</p>

<p>Jarsilver, you are wonderful.</p>