Questions about Wheaton College Massachusetts

Hi! So I was just accepted to Wheaton College MA and am interested primarily in theatre and music. I want to get a strong liberal arts education so am considering Wheaton, but want to know more about academic life as well as the arts. How are the theatre and music programs? What are they like? Are there lots of opportunities to get involved? What is the arts COMMUNITY like?
And then in terms of academics- how rigorous are the academics? Are students engaged for the most part?
Thanks for the help!

I’m sorry to have seen this post so late! My hope is that you decided to go to Wheaton. Incredible school and environment; our son is there.

D21 may apply to Wheaton. What is his major? What are the strong and weak points of the school? Thanks for your help.

Son is an economics/business major. As for what majors & departments are strongest, I’m not an expert there. But we love the school because it is a beautiful campus, walkable, safe, pretty, etc. Extremely supportive community. Great academics, small classes, the faculty and admin staff have been great. The current president (since 2014), Dennis Hanno is simply amazing. Nowhere we’d rather our son be. Wish we could get our daughter to go there too… but she wants “her own school.” They’ve handled Covid incredibly, and have managed to offer on-campus, hybrid learning this fall with a rigorous approach to testing, campus policies, etc., and have had only one positive case last I heard. They don’t have a football team, and they don’t have Greek life… which we personally love because it cuts down heavily on the cliques and parties and kind of that more riled-up drinking-centric vibe. Overall we love having our child at Wheaton, and he is really having a great experience. Great kids there.

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