Questions about Willamette?

To start off right now, I am a sophmore in High school
I am in very advanced classes and plan on taking at least 3 AP classes next year. I’ve been looking at many liberal arts schools on the west side of the country for a while now and Willamette really caught my eye. I have a few questions though:
1.) I’m not necessarily looking for a party school but for I am looking for some interaction, what kind of social life does this college have?
2.) I am planning on majoring in NeuroScience or Biology, maybe even BioChem because I want to be an opthamologist, what is the Pre-Med program like, is it successful?
3.) Does the school provide gym memberships?
4.) What AP credits does this school take? Also are there any strange prereqs to get in?
5.) Is a 4.160 weighted cumulative GPA good enough to get in and get scholarships?
6.) Any outdoorsy opportunities like hiking? What big nature things are near the school (mountain ranges, trails,etc)?
7.) If you go there or know someone who did go here, would they choose this school again if they could go back in time?
8.) What is the staff like, what about housing/dorms?
Sorry for the weird questions but they are specific ones that I want to know about the school! If you can’t answer all of them that is okay, thanks for your time :slight_smile:

I can field a few of these, but your best bet is to actually post in the Willamette forum.
3) Gym memberships? Virtually every college worth its salt will have their own athletic facilities, which are free for students
5) Yes, but good test scores always help if you’re after merit scholarship money (as opposed to need-based scholarship money, which will be entirely determined by your family’s finances and not your grades or scores)
8) Willamette has an 11:1 student to faculty ratio (very good), and a reputation for excellent teaching. Your classes will be small and taught by professors, most of which will have Ph.D.'s, and not grad students. There will be dorms :). Looks like about 2/3 of the students live on campus.

Thank you for the answers! I will probably post this in the Willamette forum as well.