Questions and Chances

<p>Hi, I'm a out of state student.
GPA:3.8 unweighted counting freshmen year, 3.6 if not. Live in CA, so I'm used to the UC system.
Took All honors classes, and 4 AP classes up till Junior year. Currently Taking 2 AP classes and rest are A-G.
SAT:1st time:610 CR 670 Math 550 Writing
Second time:590 CR 660 Math 650 Writing
I know Cantonese, Mandarin, English and some Spanish. English is my third language since I am an immigrant
Fourth Place in International Badminton Tournament
3 Years of Kung Fu
3 Years of Badminton 2 years varsity
1 year of Tennis
100 hours of Community Service
First Generation
Family income is around twenty thousand a year.
Immigrated here when I was 8 from Hong Kong
Top 15% of my class, not sure if ELC since they didn't notify us.
Chinese Male</p>

<p>Major: Computer Science</p>

<p>So, I was wondering. Does this school require Letters of Rec? What are my Chances? Howmuch is the annual cost for out of state?</p>

<p>Most of your questions can be answered here: College</a> Search - University of Michigan - U of M - At a Glance</p>

<p>Also I'd say you have a pretty good shot, good luck!</p>

<p>So do they count freshmen year?</p>