Questions by a transfer

I'm thinking about potentially transferring to Marist next year as a sophomore. Right now, I'm at a "higher-ranked" college, but a recent traumatic event as well as tuition is making me reconsider my decision.</p>

<p>I was accepted to Marist as a senior and received the highest scholarship possible as well as admissions to the Honors college. I have a few questions.</p>

<li>What are the chances of all those things returning to me if I keep up my grades?</li>
<li>I heard transfers aren't housed on campus which would be a big problem for me and would make me not come if that's true. Has the situation changed?</li>
<li>How do transfers fare at Marist? </li>
<li>Can you go into the Honors Program as a sophomore transfer?</li>
<li>What's the overall Marist vibe?</li>
<li>What's the journalism program like? The politics program?</li>

<p>I'd prefer answers from current students and transfers alike as well as anyone else who knows these answers for sure.</p>

<p>Hey! I will answer the questions that I can!

  1. You can contact the finical services office (you can find the number for the office at
  2. You can contact the housing office (you can also find the number for this office at
  3. Here at Marist college 1 in 6 students is a transfer student. This is important because it shows that Marist is an accepting school of all students, transfer or not. My best friend is a transfer student, but I think of her as a Marist student not as a transfer. There is also a lot of resources to help students transition into the Marist community.
  4. You can definitely apply to the honors programs!
  5. Here at Marist everyone is all about school spirit! We all love Marist and have Marist pride! What is also really great is how nice and helpful everyone is. For example students hold the doors for each other.
  6. Marist has one of the top Communication programs in the country. Here at Marist we are in the process of finishing up the communication building. The journalism course has a good amount of hands on experiences, also there are clubs on campus too (for example our newspaper). The political science program is also a great program. Here at Marist you can study aboard, go to London, take a political science class and intern in Parliament! This is a very great experience and can add to your resume!</p>