Questions for a Pitt junior Econ/Business Major?

<p>Hey guys, I'm Michelle. Like the title said, I'm a junior at Pitt majoring in Economics and Business Management. I'm not in the Honors College (though I tried.) I'm originally from Scottsdale, Arizona and I plan on working in New York after graduation and hopefully getting an MBA eventually. Let me know if you have any questions about anything at Pitt, I'll be glad to answer them. I'll try to check this board during the year too, if any of you new students have questions.</p>

<p>This is a question that another parent asked earlier. My daughter has the choice of linking her checking account to her Panther Card. I'm not sure if that's a good idea. On one hand, it might be handy for her to have access to the funds through the Panther Card, but I'm sure there must be a downside. Do you have any opinion?</p>

<p>I visited Pitt last weekend and although i might be able to commute ( I live 25-30 mins away) I am really set on wanting to live on campus especially after the tour. Some things that weren't mentionted that much were bathrooms. Are there seperate ones for guys and girls? The girl doing the tour said there were like 6 showers and 8 bathrooms i guess for a floor in Towers but how many people is that really for? Also can u pick whether or not you want a coed or all guy/all girl floor? Can rooms be coed?</p>

<p>towers are coed by floor. therefore, each floor has bathroom facilities for that sex only. but, floors 1 and 2 may be female, 3,4,&5 may be male. It all depends on the amount of boys and girls that are assigned to live in towers. The bathrooms are large with stalls and showers and sinks, of course. If you are a male and hanging on the female floor you will have to go to a male floor to use the bathroom- same for females- if you live in towers you should bring a bathrobe if you're a girl, unless you're comfortable in a towel in the hall.
I haven't heard of coed rooms. the bathroom situation usually is not a problem.</p>

<p>LurkNessMonster, I put everything on my Panther Card. It's just easier that way. Just make sure that you/your daughter keeps track of how much she spends with each account.</p>

<p>a1y33a, I would definitely recommend staying on campus. As nurse123 said, each floor has a single gender. Coed rooms aren't allowed yet. CMU just started doing it last year, which made it one of the first in the country. I don't know if Pitt is planning to allow it, but I doubt it would happen any time soon. There were no problems with the availability of bathroom facilities. An empty and clean shower/shall was always available when I needed one.</p>

<p>hey PttPnthr, I am considering doing business(maybe at IU), and was wondering if it would be better to major in econ or business. Is one more marketable than the other?Which one will bring in a bigger paycheck? And how is job placement at Kelley? Do big-time companies recruit there?Thanks a lot!</p>

<p>Uh, I really don't know anything about IU. Personally, I could never to go a school in the middle of nowhere like that. As far as major, just choose the one you're most interested in. I think if you're happy with your major/job, you're more likely to do well and in turn make more money.</p>

<p>PttPnthr: That was my specific thought/concern about putting all the accounts on the Panther Card. Is it confusing to keep track of all the accounts and their balances?</p>

<p>It really isn't that confusing; you can check all of your balances online, so it's not like you have to remember exactly how much you have.</p>

Here was our thought on the card thing. If you take your panther card out of your wallet often, for meals, for ID access, etc, you have a greater chance of losing it the more you use it. Son finds it is just as easy and a little safer to have a normal bank card (debit card/check card) plus the panther card.</p>

<p>My daughter is an incoming freshman, so we have no real-life experience with the Panther card yet. But I liked the idea of it because we were told that you get your balance with each transaction, unlike a debit card. LKF, do you know if that's true? Also, thanks for the info!</p>

<p>Yes, I am almost certain that you get a balance with each Panther Card transaction. OTOH, you can get that info with a bank card too, either at an ATM or online. </p>

<p>To each his own. We did put a few hundred dollars in Panther Funds on the Panther Card for spending money, along with the cafeteria money. You can add to this at any time. But not every merchant accepts Panther Funds. In this way, maybe it's better to be linked to the bank account. </p>

<p>We just kept son's actual bank accounts separately from the Panther Card stuff (door key, cafeteria money, panther funds, etc) because we didn't see any real advantage and it seemed a little less secure. The Panther Card gets used a lot. Son just carried a debit card in his wallet along with his Panther card, and that worked for him.</p>

<p>Yeah, it really just depends on what you want. You do get your balance every time with the Panther Card, and like I said, you can also check it online at any time. But some of my friends do prefer to have separate cards, for safety purposes and to avoid confusion. I just like having it all on one card, it's easier for me, and I'm very careful with it.</p>