Questions for current students...commuting

<p>My daughter will be attending Uarts in September and she is thinking about commuting for the 1st year since we are only a short train ride away. Do you think it’s doable with your schedules?? She is hoping that by 2nd year she could get an apartment but this way she could save some money now. She has talked with someone that is a Fine Arts student and she actually left the dorms to come home and it works for her. But I know that MT students are busy till later in the day. Any thoughts???</p>

<p>i think it is possible, but it is going to make things really exhausting. freshman MTs especially do have some 8:30 classes at least twice a week....depending on what section of acting studio she's in, she might not be getting out of class till 5:30, which isn't especially late, but starting second semester, she will have crew, which she may have to be at till 11 PM...a girl who was my year commuted freshman year and it's definitely possible, but she will be probably more exhausted. it's an exhausting schedule even when you only live a couple of blocks away, so obviously adding an additional commute can make things more exhausting. i wouldn't recommend it, but it does save a lot of money on the the choice is ultimately yours</p>

<p>In terms of the class schedule itself, there wouldn't be a problem if your D doesn't mind getting up early enough to be at the Terra Building as early as 8:15 and wouldn't mind catching a train as late as 7:30. My D has 8:30 classes 4 days a week this semester and one day that ends at 7:00 with the other days ending between 2:30 and 5:30. In total, she has 26 hours of classes per week. The problems I would anticipate, however, are two-fold.</p>

<p>First, there is a lot that goes on after classes end. Rehearsing scenes with partners for Acting Studio, working on songs in practice rooms, masters classes, attending multiple required shows, crew assignments, even participating in the new theatre fraternity/sorority that was recently formed, all occur in evening hours. In addition, the volume of work that must be done each day is heavy. My daughter's day typically starts at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 12:30 a.m.. Each day is physically and mentally demanding and also demands a good bit of out of class preparation and work, including a heavy reading load and lots of writing. I could not conceive of her adding the time demands of commuting without driving herself into total exhaustion. All of the MT students I speak to describe themselves as in a constant state of sleep depravation even without a commute. I guess it could be done but wouldn't recommend it but this, of course, must be balanced by your other considerations. I would not evaluate this based on the schedule of a fine arts student; that's just not comparable to the MT students.</p>

<p>Then there is also the issue of not only missing out on the "college experience" with new friends but also that the nature of the work done in Acting Studio tends to make the MT kids a tight knit group. There's a lot of interaction and relating that goes on outside of class in the dorms or other places in or near campus that a commuter would find it difficult to participate in.</p>

<p>Personally, I think that she would be missing out on the full college experience which includes socializing & bonding.
The M/T schedule is extremely busy and tiring, however, if she does not lack time management skills it's probably doable. Presently, I don't think any of the Freshman M/T's commute. If it is a matter of saving $, then sometimes choices have to be made. Some classes start at 8:30a.m. so it also depends on scheduling. There might be possibilities of p.m. rehearsals for shows, acting classes & student directed performances. Then there's also crew work, practice room work, homework etc. etc. etc.
I'm sure MichaelNKat would be best to answer the logistics of it all.
Has your D made her final choice?<br>
If so, CONGRATS & welcome to the family! :-)</p>

<p>WOW - we ALL must have been typing/thinking (same) at the same time - great minds think alike - LOL!</p>

<p>Yeah, but what are we doing up on CC at this hour. WE all should be asleep, 'cause I don't know about the rest of you, but I definitely am suffering from a constant state of sleep depravation! :)</p>

<p>That's kinda what I thought but do to some financial issues it may have to be that way. I haven't been working much for the last year in order to take care of my mom (Alzheimer's) and my husband had to end his business relationship unexpectedly and is now starting over. Not exactly great timing UGH!! We just got a estimated Finaid package but I have to complete a few things before it can be finalized. Do you think there is any chance to negotiate?</p>

<p>As far as sleep deprivation... I am right there with you since I think I average about 4 hours a night mostly on the couch because of my mom and life with 3 teenagers... two of which are in MT. I think I have aged about 10 years in one. UGH again!!!</p>

<p>Sorry for bad grammar and punctuation.</p>

<p>Kimoki - I've heard of people negotiating at other colleges - never know unless you try - nothing to lose right?</p>

<p>MichaelNKat - Good night!! :-)</p>

<p>kimoki, though what everyone has said above is true, if your family finances are such that having your D commute for freshmen year makes it possible for her to attend UArts, then your daughter and family can certainly make it work and she will be fine. However, fwiw, I agree with others here who say it is at least worth a call to the financial aid folks at UArts (who seem, like everyone I have encountered there, extremely nice) to put forth your scenario and see if more help is available. Best wishes to your D and your family. I had not realized she had settled on UArts! I am sure she is going to love it there.</p>

<p>NMR, We only have BoCo to hear from and I doubt it would work out financially even if she got accepted. UArts and BoCo were always her top choices for different/similiar reasons. UArts because it's a great school, close to home, familiar and friends. BoCo because it's a great school, NOT close to home and familiar. Hope that makes sense!! I am hoping if things work out and she makes a few friends her 1st year then maybe she can share an apartment later when we are back to normal.</p>

<p>I guess I'll know more once I speak with the financial aid office.</p>

<p>Kimoki, First of all congrats, and I agree with all who have suggested that giving the financial aid office a call and a plea is a good idea (: Secondly if making the commute makes UARTS doable then you need to think of ways to make it work because it's so great that you have this opportunity which so many wish was their biggest problem (it seems like there was a far greater amount of students going for the BFA in MT this year than in past years and therefore a far greater amount of rejections) Anyway my daughter often goes from early morning to late at night with all that UARTS has to offer. She is also currently in a play which means play rehearsal every night. She does often go back and forth from school to the dorms but your daughter might have to rethink the logistics. she may have to spend more time in the library, many students even study/hangout at the local Starbucks, she will obviously make friends and hopefully their dorms on occasion will be an option, group get togethers etc. Anyway where there's a will there's a way. Many of us adults certainly remember making it work, dorms weren't the standard that they are today. Sure it's nice to have the total college experience but how lucky these kids are just to be in an arts program and having the opportunity to follow their dreams. Good luck keep us informed</p>

<p>Kimoki, I also agree that you should talk to the financial aid office. If ever there was a school that is open and receptive to attempting to support and assist students, UArts is it. If your D ends up commuting, let me know when she gets her schedule and I'll be happy to kick some ideas around with the 2 of you about the logistics of commuting.</p>

<p>We still have some paperwork to complete before anything is finalized so we still have some work ahead of us. I will send in the deposits at the end of the week. Then I can ask. The package they sent to us is pretty good. It's just because of our current situation that we are a little worried. Talk about bad timing. Thanks for all of your suggestions/advice. I am sure it will work out somehow. It's meant to be...right?? </p>

<p>MichaelNKat - Thanks for the offer. We are hoping that we don't have to but if we do I'll let ya know. I think my D finally messaged your D now that all of her shows are over so maybe she can get down there to visit. </p>

<p>Despite all of this I am excited for her. She is lucky to have gotten into a program that she considered one of her favorites.</p>