Questions from an accepted Honors student

Hi! I just got accepted to the Class of 2022 Honors college at UD… I have a few questions:

  1. A lot of people say that the dorms aren’t great at UD; the fact that they didn’t show them to us on tour doesn’t help either. Are honors dorms better?
  2. I’m not a party person, and don’t intend to be in college. Will I still be able to have a social life? I like doing pretty much anything else other than drinking/house parties.
  3. If you can’t tell already, I’m a huge nerd. I’m a little concerned that UD doesn’t really have that kind of atmosphere and that I’ll be out of place for wanting to focus on academics.

Thanks, and congrats to everyone else who also got in!!

Hi polilib

My son also got accepted to Honors and is definitely on the nerdy side.
I haven’t seen Redding Hall in person, but here is a link.
It actually looks very nice to me and is only 4 years old. I notice the furniture is all wood (not metal) and the walls aren’t cinder block.
Maybe you could talk to admissions and see if there is any type of “share a day” for honors students where you could follow a student with your intended major and get an honors student’s perspective on campus life.
Also, here is a link to the campus organizations.

Hope this helps!

We were shown the honors dorm during our tour and it was really quite nice, AC and definitely one of the newer dorms. My daughter was also accepted into the Honors Program and she sounds more like you in that partying isn’t her main objective for college. I think the Honors atmosphere at UDel will certainly be very studious and beyond that there are so many campus organizations and groups that you’ll surely be able to make a social life that doesn’t revolve around partying. I had posted previously that I hope there is an accepted honors day or some nice breakout sessions to show the prospectives what they can expect; but I do know that UD’s honors program is considered one of the best in the country. I was an alumni many years ago and even then it was quite prestigous and they did a lot of really cool activities. Good luck with your decision @polilib !

Same situation here. My daughter not a party girl at all. When we visited honors dorm very nice and great location. Quite frankly the ability to be with the more serious students and the nice dorms are the benefits of the honors college.

@AmyBeth68 there is book that I bought that ranks by General categories the top honor colleges and honors programs. It is titled “INSIDE HONORS:Ratings and Reviews of Sixty Public Honors Programs.” It contains a lot of useful information and was only $16. There were 11 school in the top tier and then Deleware was among the 9 schools in the second tier.

@burghdad I did some online research, there is a website about Honors Colleges. If I recall Delaware was ranked well in that one also. I think any opportunity to be part of an HC at a large university is such a benefit. Glad to hear I wasn’t wrong about Udel. I know Barrett and UofSC both have stellar programs as well.

My DD is also interested in learning more about the Honors dorms. I guess we’ll learn more about the whole program as we go along.

My daughter was accepted for class 2022 and is waiting for Honors decision. This will decide for her whether she goes to UDEL or NCSU for Vet med. hoping she gets into the Honor program.

I’m new to CC, just starting to look for my daughter. I just happened to see your post and hope you don’t mind me offering some insight. I’m an old Blue Hen and was in the UD Honors program and lives in honors housing. I absolutely loved it— there is something for everyone. Several of my UD roommates became my life long friends. I think you’ll find lots of fellow nerds.