Questions from Australia

<p>Hey guys - great site. I wish we had something like this down here when I was trawling through the university choices, though it certainly isn't as competitive as it seems to be in the US.</p>

<p>Anyways, I'm at the University of Sydney and I'm going to do an exchange as part of my degree, and though I've done the tourist thing through the US, I'm certainly no expert on the schools there.</p>

<p>It's down to UC Berkeley, UCLA or Cornell. But which one?</p>

<p>I'm an english major, anthropology minor. Obviously, being an exchange student I'm coming to experience more than just the inside of a classroom. I'm leaning towards Berkeley, because it's fairly well known over here and Michael Chabon (one of fav writers) seems to praise it to the moon. And it's near San Fran, of course. But then, Cornell is Ivy League, and UCLA . . . choices, choices! </p>

<p>I'd appreciate any advice anyone is willing to give.</p>


<p>Academically it's hard to go wrong with the three so I'd visit each one. They each have their own feel and you should find where you'd better fit.</p>

<p>KLance, I think a lot depends on what exactly you are looking for. For example, Cornell is located in Ithaca, which has more of a mountain resort feel and is located five hours away (by car) from New York City. If Ithaca has a lot to offer, then it might be worth it, otherwise you'd feel trapped at Cornell. Between Los Angeles and San Francisco, I would choose the latter for one reason: public transportation. I would imagine that you will not have access to a personal vehicle during your stay, so you'd have to rely heavily on public transport to get around. I also imagine that you'd want to experience some city life to go along with your studies, and it's much more difficult to get around LA than you might think (it's more of a highway city). San Francisco is 13.0 miles away from Berkeley and can be reached by bus or light rail. It is, of course, up to you, though I think the choice is clear.</p>

<p>Best of luck,

<p>Really good point. Thanks very much will take it into consideration.</p>

<p>i actually have a friend here who's doing the same exchange program from sydney university - i think he's a political science major here. he's staying at the international house and has been really loving the place</p>


<p>I can't speak to Cornell, but I'd say Berkeley is to Los Angeles as Melbourne is to Sydney. The East Bay is a tad provincial, as I've found Melbourne to be too.</p>

<p>Michael Chabon lives in the East Bay (I'm not sure if he is still living in Berkeley or not), which may be why he praises it.</p>

<p>Are you planning on doing some traveling too? That may point you to an east coast vs west coast location. If you select Berkeley or LA, you can easily take a road trip to the other one. </p>

<p>And hey, I think CA weather is a bit nicer than Ithaca, NY.</p>

<p>Michael Chabon is one of my favorite writers too, and I've been lucky enough to see him read twice (once on campus and once at Codys[RIP]). Like others have said, I'd make my choice based on location, as all three of these schools are excellent. Personally, I'd go with Berkeley, but I might be a tad bit biased.</p>

<p>I think CA weather is a bit nicer than Ithaca, NY."</p>

<p>By lots. Especially in the WINTER, y e a h.</p>

<p>I would choose Berkeley (and it's my first choice!) :)</p>

<p>Well, here are the reasons, simple:</p>

<p>1) While UCLA is a magnificent school, it's close to home (1 hr by car) And if I think of roaming around the city, nah.. not LA. And, I already know the city and the overall feeling blah blah. So another 4 yrs at LA? I don't think so.
2) Hmm... East Coast.. I've always disliked cold weather (dang, harsh winters at Ithaca!) and I personally think I wouldn't be able to cope with it. Also I think I would suffer from depression after a while, since of Cornell's location.
3) And yes, BERKELEY. It's still in CA and bit far from home (not that I dislike my home ;) But anyway, the town seems like a place where you can walk around and socialize (like, it's a TOWN, not like a BIG CITY like that of LA) You got SF about 15 from UCB and pretty much fits my expectations. Also, the active political environment is one of the major factors that makes me choose Berkeley as my first choice. And... UCB is mostly a liberal!</p>

<p>SIMPLY PUT, Berkeley's college atmosphere in terms of activities and all looks very exciting for me!</p>