Questions from LC Freshman Mom

<li> Did all other LC Freshman receive their Registration packet already? Registration is Monday and my S has yet to receive it.<br></li>

<p>He has been on Degree Works and found out his EP Seminar (Art Hist...a blessing and a curse) and also his Theatre classes which have been selected for him. Degree Works just says he needs Comp II so I believe he needs to register for that and not Comp I. And he'll pick one more class for a total of 17 credits. Just in case he doesn't get the registration packet tomorrow either, is there anything else he needs to know? I'm guessing he'll just register on Monday morning, right? </p>

<li><p>Do you also find out about the AP credits that were accepted on Degree Works? How long does it take? </p></li>
<li><p>My S received his acceptance email for Urban Plunge today! Anyone else?</p></li>

<p>Thanks guys! :)</p>

<p>I haven't gotten my packet either :( registration is already on monday!</p>

<p>Nothing in the mail today either and we don't get our mail until 5pm weekdays. :(</p>

<p>Can somebody who has already been through registration (ramfan2013, nyc2013??) let me know if all he has to do is go to with his regular login info and select the remaining classes? I'm sure we can figure out online registration and I'm even comfortable enough to guess on the Comp II. What I am worried about is whether there is an assigned pin# or some other info that was given out in the registration packet. </p>

<p>BTW, I tried calling Friday about this and was less than thrilled to find out the offices are closed on Fridays in the summer. By Monday 9am or whatever time they open, all the classes he wants could be closed.</p>

<p>It starts at 7 in the morning. Sign in before 7 and find add or drop classes and that's it. He should already be registered for his ep and the theater classes as you said but I was pre registered for comp II so he might already be registered for that. For the last class he should pick a few options just in case he gets closed out of his first choice. Tip: in order to ensure you do not get closed out of a class do a lookup class search and next to each class if there is a C then it is already closed. Obviously he can't fet in those but for the ones that aren't copy down the CRN number of the course (not the course number). When you click add/drop course on Monday morning there will be different boxes where u can enter the crn numbers. Just type in the number and click update and he'll be registered in that class. It saves the time of doing the search of your computer loading slowly. If the class was still open he'll definetly get it.</p>

<p>I forgot about AP credits. He can view them on his transcript at my.Fordham or under something like student information or status or something.</p>

<p>When you log into your account on the right side of the home page there is a link for a "Student Registration Tutorial". It's an interactive tutorial that shows you how to register.</p>

<p>Thanks guys. It doesn't look too hard and he's only registering for two classes, the Comp II and hopefully the Philosophy class. He can't view his transcript to see about the AP credits yet because of the hold. I guess this will all be cleared up tomorrow morning. I DO wish he had gotten the registration packet though.</p>

<p>Rob2391, I particularly appreciate you taking the time to answer my question given that you are no longer a Fordham student. Best of luck at NYU! :)</p>

<p>So that went well. Here is his schedule: Acting I with Dawn Saito, Collaboration I with Matthew Maguire, EP Art History with Susanna McFadden, Eng Comp II with Cecilia Petit-Hall and the surprise change he made last night, Faith & Critical Reason with Victor Austin. To be honest, he really wanted to take French 1502 and he is a little worried about losing some of the language but it conflicted with his Theatre classes.</p>

<p>LC Upperclassmen, please feel free to PM me with your comments on professors, workload, etc. Also, any suggestions for holding onto the French over the semester. He's been in French classes since 7th grade and this will be the first time he's not. </p>

<p>Last question on this, do you buy the books for these classes before they start? How do you know what to buy? </p>

<p>Thanks for everything! :)</p>


<p>Hope your registration went as well as my S's did! Good luck at LC! :)</p>

<p>why couldn't he have taken french instead of faith and critical reason? i don't see a problem with taking one over the other, just wondering why he didn't if he's worried about not retaining french over the semester.</p>

<p>i'm not a theatre major, but from what i've heard macguire is a god. </p>

<p>for books, go to the fordham website and in quicklinks click on "bookstore", and then the lincoln center one. it lets you put in the classes you have and shows you what books you might need, but i recommend not getting any until after you have that class for the first time, a lot of time professors say they want all these books, and then when you get to class they actually don't want to use some of them, so it's better to wait and see what books are really gonna be used. also, if your son can help it don't buy from the bookstore, shop around online and see what places are cheaper.</p>

<p>^^^He placed into French 1502 and all three sections conflicted with the Theatre classes he was already preregistered for. He is looking forward to the Theatre classes though even though it means he can't take French right away! </p>

<p>Thanks for the info on books. I will tell him to wait on that.</p>