questions from OOS

<p>Can anyone answer some questions about UCF for me? My son was accepted for Fall 2009.
1. Do kids stay on campus on the weekends? When we were there the dining halls and campus looked empty.
2. We are OOS. He will not have a car. Is that a problem? He needs to find a job and the school said they have almost no work study, so he may need to look off campus.
3. How is the study abroad program?
4. Does UCF run a shuttle to the airport? Or would he need to find a ride to the airport.
5. Is the school as a whole welcoming to OOS students?<br>
He's trying to decide between in state at Rutgers, OOS at UCF and OOS at UCONN. Any help would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>I cannot answer every question but my daughter is on campus every weekend at UCF. She generally sleeps until noon or 1 pm and goes out for lunch or makes something in her Towers apt. for lunch. She dosen't have a meal plan and isn't into the on campus dining halls too much.</p>

<p>I'll be going to UCF next year and I'll be staying on campus as well. According to stats someone brought up in another thread, UCF has about 70% or something like that of its students living on campus. The thing is that you won't find people stuck in their dorms on the weekend all the time when compared to UF or other schools because Orlando isn't a small college town. There's a lot to do so college students will take advantage of it. Good luck for your son trying to find an on-campus job. If he does it would be great because UCF was designed in a way to make everything on campus accessible by sidewalks. They also run a bus system on campus. I'm not too sure if they pick up OOS students from the airport, I'd call in UCF and ask but it would be really nice if they did. As far as other aspects of how welcoming they are, people are pretty friendly here in Florida for the most part but I can't speak from experience since I'm an incoming freshman like your son.</p>

<p>The UCF on campus bus' does not go to the airport. However there is the Lynx public transportation that does go to the university. My S will be living on campus and we live about 1 hr from the university. If your S decides to come to UCF and you need someone to help your S get settled in drop me a private email and we can connect our sons. My S has a car and knows his way around pretty well when it comes to the airport. I fly in and out all the time for work. ;)</p>

<p>My D will be there for Summer and back again for Fall. She too is from New Jersey. She won't have a car the first year because she is staying on campus and I'd rather her get familiar with the area first. She already found on roommate on Facebook who lives in Florida and is bringing her car. I'm sure she'll find other students that have cars and can always ask to tag along if they are going shopping off campus, etc. She too, will need to find a job as work-study jobs will be hard to come by (we also called and asked). I'm hoping she will connect over the Summer and get a job at least for Fall.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone for the input. Anyone know anything about the study abroad program?</p>