Questions/Guidance requested for SATs + PSATs

<p>Hey guys, so im new here(altho ive been reading these forums for a while haha) and i want to know some specific ways to help me get the highest possible scores on the SATs and PSATs. I know im just a freshman and people are always saying, ur too young, dont worry about it, blah blah blah, but id like to get started early so ill be better equipped.
So i took a princeton review practice PSAT and got:
Total: 181

<p>I also took a collegeboard SAT 1 reasoning official practice test and got:
Total: 1870
M: 670
CR: 580
W: 620(MC:54, Essay 12)</p>

<p>I also want to add that i had not "practiced" or "prepared" for these tests prior to taking them. So i have the PSAT coming up this october and i want to get at least a 220+ and im going to take the SAT junior with the aim of a 2400 although i know and have considered the slim chances of that. SO, with relevance to my scores, i would really appreciate it if u guys could help me with this. Many thanks in advance :)</p>

<p>P.S. i have copies of the 10 real SATs by The College Board, 2010 PSAT Princeton Review, 11 practice tests for theSAT & PSAT by princeton review, 2400 SAT by Barron's, and The official SAT study guide by the Collegeboard</p>

<p>Review material - practice - review questions and understand why you got them wrong (you can ask us for explanations) - rinse and repeat.</p>

<p>At a certain point, you won't need to review content... like past 2000. </p>

<p>Use your 11 practice tests for the SAT/PSAT by PR now... and then next year use the Official study guide by CB (because you want to save the best practice for when it's most needed - next year and the year after). That's my advice.</p>

<p>That's great help! Thanks :) but as a clarification, by not needing to review content, do u mean the study guide part? </p>

<p>All other help will be greatly appreciated as well</p>

<p>also, im not so great at writing, any tips?</p>

<p>I just recently did another practice psat, n got 70 math and 55 writing, hvnt done cr yet</p>

<p>reviewing content - as in the portion of your books where they go over all the content, the non practice test part.</p>

<p>oh ok, that makes sense. Thanks!</p>

<p>All other help also appreciated!</p>

<p>yeah, do the PR tests first and save the collegeboard official ones for later since you have a lot of time.</p>